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About the Course

Be prepared for a SOLID eight hours packed full of information. You'll need a paper and pen, watch it once ... twice ... as many times as you want and I guarantee you'll learn more EACH and EVERY time!

This goes through EVERYTHING I've learned from day one. Where I've made the most money, lost the most money, what to stay away from; the lessons I learned the hard way and -- most importantly -- how to come to the market EACH day for a paycheck, prepared, energized, and ready to anticipate trades for daily profits.

I dive into each and every topic with detail, visual examples and clear concise answers to better your trading strategy. I do this EVERY DAY! I've made this to speed your LEARNING CURVE up exponentially.

Course Breakdown

Chapter Overview


Chapter 1 - Purpose & History

Explains Nate's trading history and how to make the most of the DVD.

Chapter 2 - Setup and Terminology

Learn the trading lingo and how to become a focused trader

Chapter 3 - Charting & TA

Understand supply & demand and the basics of using charts

Chapter 4 - ABCD & Long Trades

Discover the famous ABCD pattern and how to spot long setups

Chapter 5 - Red/Green & Long Trades

Learn how to anticipate red/green moves and place trades accordingly.

Chapter 6 - Shorts & Over Extensions

Introduction to short-selling and which patterns to look for

Chapter 7 - Morning Emotion & Faders

Master early morning trading and learn how to spot setups

Chapter 8 - OTC Trading

Understand the OTC setups that actually make you money

Chapter 9 - Brokers

Nate goes over the brokers he recommends and why

Chapter 10 - Daily Routine & Goals

Nate goes over his morning routine and why it's important

Chapter 11 - Websites & Homework

Learn about helpful websites for trading and good traders to follow on Twitter

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Worth The Money!!!

The money you spend on this DVD will be made back ten fold. This DVD is packed with information and will undoubtedly put you ahead of the competition. I wish I would've bought this DVD before I ever placed my first trade. I VERY HIGHLY recommend getting the bundle deal. Don't buy this DVD alone get Tandem Trader with it also. This is the foundation the second DVD allows you to see Nate trading LIVE using all his teachings from DVD one. Do not hesitate, if you are serious about trading invest in yourself and get the bundle. You will not regret it.


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A Must Get For All Traders

This is hands down gives you an edge in trading, It's very well put together and so much to learn from.

Before me purchasing this DVD to be honest I was stuck.. I wasn't sure exactly what or how to trade.

Thanks to Nate and this DVD that all has changed and I am now well on my way to being a consistent trader. This DVD set the foundation in my career. And TandemTrader will take it to a new level once I purchase it. 100% recommend the DVD to everyone.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?! GET IT NOW.... unless of course you like living with your mom.


Review on Investimonials

Blows away the learning curve!

I purchased this earlier this year and I have to say this DVD will cut your learning curve by years. I have been trading since 2009, and I've went through the path of trial and error which means a couple of blown up trading accounts!

Nate takes you through the DVD and walks you through his methodology and how to look for setups that he plays. He pounds the table on risk management and proven chart patterns. What's great is that all of his setups are so simple, but yet profitable due to the high probability rate.

Yes, you're probably questioning the value to the purchase price of this. It is a little pricey, but once you buy it and put forth the effort in burning these chart patterns into your head, you will make your money back many times over.

I'm an options trader, and I swing trade with the occasional scalp/day trade. This DVD has allowed me to spot these setups for great scalps and even for getting a great entry on my swing trade setups.

Do yourself a favor and just GO LONG this DVD.....even if you're a SHORT! 🙂


Review on Investimonials

Its #1 for a reason

Just get it. If you are serious & want to expand your trading knowledge, this DVD is the BEST investment for your education. 8 hours, full of charts, patterns, examples, advice, you name it. There is not a DVD out there topping this one.

Not gonna go full depth, listen to everybody, this DVD helped me start trading for myself instead of following others. JUST GET IT.


Review on Investimonials

Worth $2,500!!! Just Buy it.

I delayed buying this for nearly a year, what a fool I was. Decided to just buy it and clear my mind of any trading "ideas" I though i knew. What a difference.

After just 1 day of trading using JUST the ideas in the DVD I made back the price of the dvd in 4 trades. I think the biggest AH ha moment was the part of risk management and knowing WHY your entering the trade prior to getting in, vs just blind buying. I won't give away any more because Nate deserves each penny on the DVD cost.

BUY IT, THINK ABOUT IT LATER....I didn't becuase I thought it was too Pricey....I was a fool.


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