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About the Course

Trading the markets can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. When equipped with the right tools, every trader has a real opportunity to profit from the stock market.

Congratulations on finding your secret weapon.

Tandem Trader is a comprehensive guide to developing CONSISTENTLY profitable trading habits. This DVD is packed with over 14 hours of LIVE trading action, level 2 analyses, high probability chart patterns, and much more.

Tandem Trader strays from the typical education model that focuses on hindsight analysis, complicated theories, and strategies that rarely work in practice. Instead, you get to experience live trading action TICK-BY-TICK from a veteran trader who consistently profits in all market conditions. Learning about a strategy is one thing - seeing that strategy implemented LIVE provides the CLARITY you need to start taking action.

Nate’s 'trade analysis commentary' deconstructs the mechanics of successful long trades, short trades, intraday moves, swing trades, and so much more. Regardless of your trading style and skill level, Tandem Trader will provide insights that take your success to the next level.

(Note: Textbook Trading is a prerequisite)

Course Breakdown

Chapter Overview


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Charting the course and explaining Nate's trading history.


Chapter 2 - Trading Concepts

Discussing basic approach to trading and rules to follow.


Chapter 3 - NASDAQ Longs

Explaining how to master NASDAQ long plays with real-time example.


Chapter 4 - Parabolic Shorts

A look at when to go short on parabolic plays with real-time example.


Chapter 5 - Shorts and Faders

Shorts, late day fades, and long setups discussed in detail.


Chapter 6 - OTC Trading

How to trade penny stocks properly, with real-time examples


Chapter 7 - Level 2 Analysis & Float Rotation

How to analyze level 2 screens and discussion on float rotation


Chapter 8 - How to Scan for Stocks

Everything you need to find the right stocks to trade everyday.


Chapter 9 - Tools of the Trade

Brokers, softwares, and more - everything you need to get started.


Bonus Chapter - Trader Interviews

Get in the minds of successful traders with hours of interviews.

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This product paid for itself

Thanks Nate for this DVD, today this product paid for itself, EYES short was called out in the investors underground chatroom, I was not watching the stock so i looked at it, it looked like a textbook parabolic short from the DVD so i took the trade and it paid for 1 year subscription both DVD's and some money in my pocket. This product turned me from a scalper into a real trader, before watching it i was taking 10 cents a share on trades today i took .91 cents and got to take the rest of the day off to spend with the family. this DVD really opened my eyes to trading thanks!!


Review on Investimonials

Amazing Follow Up to an Incredible DVD

Nate's first DVD, Textbook Trading, was incredibly helpful and life changing, and Tandem Trader is somehow even better. Seeing Nate trade the set ups he talks about each day in real time and getting a feel for what he's looking for has given me a better grasp on my own trading and allowed me to develop an edge through education. If you enjoyed Textbook Trading, you'll love Tandem Trader. It's easy to understand, it's helpful and it's affordable since what you'll learn will save you and make you money in the long run. Without his DVDs and instruction in IU chat, I wouldn't have gotten over the hump and on track to trading well consistently and making a living doing something I truly love.


Review on Investimonials

Worth The Money!!!

The money you spend on this DVD will be made back ten fold. This DVD is packed with information and will undoubtedly put you ahead of the competition. I wish I would've bought this DVD before I ever placed my first trade. I VERY HIGHLY recommend getting the bundle deal. Don't buy this DVD alone get Textbook Trading with it also. This is DVD 2 where you watch LIVE trading action. DVD 1 is the foundation needed to understand everything! Do not hesitate, if you are serious about trading invest in yourself and get the bundle. You will not regret it.


Review on Investimonials

Excellent Educational Video for Traders of All Skill Levels

By far the best source of day trading information next to the Investors Underground chat room. If you have not purchased any of the items I urge that you do so as soon as possible. Each watch of the DVD helps to reinforce skills or teaches new ones. Nate covers a multitude of vital trading tools each trader needs to be successful. He's able to effectively articulate clear and subtle market techniques. Watching the video helps to increase my confidence as a trader by equipping me with the tools I need to understand the market moves and make educated trades.

I've learned more in one week using his tools than I have in 1.5 years. I can not stress enough that EVERY trader purchase this DVD. I look forward to the exponential profit growth after applying a lot of these principles.


Review on Investimonials

Another must if you're serious about trading

The perfect follow-on to Textbook Trading! Live fly-on-the-wall trades detailing the trade thesis/plan and entry/exit points.

It is all well and good being told by “Gurus” to ‘buy here’ & ‘sell there’ or ‘short here’ ‘cover there’ but trading is far more refined than that and Nate’s intuitive approach and insane accuracy in predicting a stock’s behavior is truly remarkable.

He encourages ‘safe’ trading i.e. scaling your position size in and out to help deal with the psychology of trading, none of the ‘all-in’ and see what happens approach. I have watched the numerous live trades both long and short over and over again expecting it to become second ‘Nateure’ before long.

I have been so impressed by both DVDs I recently joined the ‘Investors Underground’ community – a glowing testimonial for Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader.


Review on Investimonials