Sunday Mailbag: Your Questions Answered!

by | Aug 16, 2015

Earlier this week, we made a post asking everyone to send in their questions about day trading.

We got some great questions and answered them all in the video below.

If you find this helpful, please leave a comment below. Maybe we will start doing this every Sunday!

Also, don't forget that there are only 2 more weeks left to register for our Traders4ACause annual conference. The event is going to be great and we look forward to seeing all of you there!


  1. This is great... very confusing, but great.
    Walk me through it please....
    First, I send the question from where to where? From my email account to your email or do I enter the question on a comment section somewhere.
    Please spell out what is in your head, maybe a blog entry explaining.
    Right now, I have a question.
    Some guys on Youtube talk about level 1, which is pretty much Google finance, then, they talk about level 2, that comes with your broker´s account and some pay per service websites.
    There is one guy that talks about level 3, something about the book that only certain people, like routes or brokers can see. Only God get´s to see the level 3 information. What is up with that. Can you comment? If anyone can know what level 3 people know, that would help. If any cheating is going on, it would be there.
    Please nswer, not so much from the nuts and bolts side of things, but in real life. Are there people out there that have that edge?. I am not complaining and I like things the way they are, but please touch a little on what is above and beyond level 2.

    Listen, please do not stop these questions and answers. It is the best thing that anyone has come up with. The subjects you touch are better than any webinar, because you have time to think about the questions and place them into context. Don´t worry about recruiting new customers. you guys are simply the only game in town. Barmitzva Tim is super good, but Nate talks way better. Nate, you are a super hero and a rock star.

    • We requested the Q&A on the last blog post - we will have another for next weeks

      I do spell out what's in my head

      I don't talk about Level 1 as I don't use it -- level 2 I discuss some but most new traders want objective answers which is not how it works. Level 2 is learned over time, and subjective. It's a compliment to trading not a one shot deal.

      Level 3 it's not brokers it's market makers - not really value add for trading or what we do so prefer not to comment.

      I always answer nuts and bolts that's why we built the community we did.

      I'm not worried about recruiting members, I trade, we trade, if people want to join they can join. One thing which I find most annoying is when people tell me how to run my business. I appreciate the comments but lets stick to value add vs. telling me how to do what I've done since 2008.

      Thanks for comments.

      • Value adds only. Got it.
        Thanks for the reply.

  2. This was great Nate, hope we can get it going. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Nate for the reply! I defiantly enjoy these Q&A's because it allow me to ask the "in between" questions that i think about when studying. Most i can figure out and research but there are those that i have no answers for. So i enjoy asking them straight to you. Thanks again for all you work! I can't wait for this comings week Q&A 🙂 - Pat

  4. In the video you talked about having the wrong stocks on watch if you don't see good opportunity's, what are your scans for finding the stocks with good volume and volatility ?


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