On watch 23/04/18 From Emil

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VLRX - held pretty well on Friday so I won't be surprised to see some chat ramp it higher (won't bitch about that tho) ideally will have a morning ramo through 4 in order to consider it for a short, prolly that mid morning type of trade

MYO - more or less same plan as above looking for a push towards 4.5 and some stuff for a short

HEAR - has that trappy short look since volume is drying up (but still watching it for a short) BUt if they are going to holds these levels I wont be surprised to see a push through 5 which will be indeed a great area to re-short, anyway watching any morning push&fail to try it again

MARA has some AH prints might be nothing but also might have a push on Monday morning so having it on radar just in case, ideally 1.8

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