On Watch 04/09/20 From Dante


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MBRX: Wild volume here. Never know what happens with that much churn, but ideal scenario would be gap up/open shove into 1.50 area and failed follow through for re-short. If gap down still not afraid to hit pops. As long as this is sub 1.50 will hold short bias and looking pops, anything above 1.50 is scary and I'm not looking to fight with it or "add add" - have to respect the volume and if they want to play more games you or anyone else isn't stopping that.

TOPS: Can't imagine who's still interested in this, but it's still around so I'll keep shorting it. Any morning gap up/pops trading as good short scalps and then under .25 it's a swing short idea back down to inevitable sub .10s

BIOL: Sick one here, tons of meat left. Maybe little more early games tomorrow but not expecting much, and looking to fade all pops here back down where it came from in Zero Land.

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