On watch 04/08/20 from Emil

by | Apr 8, 2020


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YGYI - looking for any failed follow through into 2.75-3 at some stage ideally into mid-morning ideally will trigger ssr too for a easy jam

PSTI - short any push back into 4.5 for more unwind towards 3.5

PDD - nice run in the past few days (from previous w/l -into 40 area) goign to watch it for a breath and gonna try to take advantage of it , eyeing any push and stuff into 40.5 early in the morning for a short and a slide towards 38 risking .50 or so

NVAX - this one been tricky in the past few weeks a lot of shorts trapped in this resilient piece, , looks like a crowded trade for me so I'm here to take advantage of that and giving the fact yesterday triggered ssr I'm very interested in longing it as long as will build above 15 targeting 18, think there is another leg up before we see a major pull back (with this in mind going to trade accordingly to price action)


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