On watch 04/07/20 from Emil

by | Apr 7, 2020


Sneak a peek into IU community and see how it is, you can have a walk-through here

Check - The fundamental checklist for technical traders here


INO - if will have some dips after open into 8.5ish area won't say no to any long reactive trades but the main trade I'm actually looking for going to a be a push towards 10 are and stuff there for a short mid morning

GILD - weak open against 77 risking 1 point for a perk through 80 later in the day

AKER - a lot of short were bent over yesterday some of them are going to give up in any push so some failed follow through would be something I'm looking for to pile in short looking at 5 area to do that

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  1. Thanks Emil! In a recent webinar you said something that struck me - and I'm trying to learn it "I would never buy into a breakout" - appreciate it!


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