On watch 04/01/20 from Emil

by | Apr 1, 2020


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VVUS - this was a nice trader yesterday but the fact that held revered in the afternoon makes me think there might be more so not gonna get over biased and trade accordingly , if will push early in the morning through 4 and will stuff will be interested in a short but if weak open and holds above 3 mid morning area most likely will try a long  for another leg up

SGBX - will watch any failed follow through into 10 area at some stage especially if will have a weak open and ssr will be triggered

NVAX - will be interested if AH highs are going to be stuffed early in the morning for a short attempt but if will get above and builds this one might have some legs so again no bias just trading price action

NET - this one unfolded pretty well from my previous w/l went all the way up through 25+ and now had a big stuff , I'll be interested to short any morning shove back into 24+ for a pull back towards 22 (just trading vehicles once they are broken - not sticking too much with them)


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