On Watch 03/31/20 From Dante


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TOPS: Really would have liked to see them let shorts win into close again like yesterday. They did not, so my thoughts now shift to a short trade tomorrow. Higher the better .70+ out of open for a fade idea, or watching .40-.45 as an area of interest on any weak open, below that I'd look to get aggressive shorting pops. Above 40, the volume is still so nuts that I wouldn't fight above that level. We'll see what it looks like in the morning

AMRN: Unreal. Feel like most probably don't even know what hit them yet and weren't getting out a/h, so tons of $$ to flow out of this yet. Hoping they can shove it higher pre and out of open back 6+ ideally, and then looking to short this - should stay really heavy for a while - lot of psycho cult longs here just absolutely buried.

CLVS: Ideally 6.80s shove in morning and then more fade.

P.S. CODX 7's a/h, will soon be sub 5 if you've got the patience 🙂

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See you out there!

- D

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