On Watch 03/20/20 From Dante


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WTRH: Still a good amount of meat on this one, I'm hoping for an early shove into 3 and looking for failed follow through around there. As usual on these, let it peak, lower high for risk, then look to short pops from there.

BMRA: Nice one today per last nights plan. Plenty more downside here, same plan as yest, higher the better into 17.50s would be nice, and looking for more downside from there.

CODX: Staying on this one, very weak today and rightfully so. Treating all pops from here as good opportunities to continue getting short, this will be back to low singles soon enough. I like that people are mostly distracted with so many other names going nuts right now, so could see some nice fades continuing to come out of this one in coming days while nobody watching.

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See you out there!

- D

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