On Watch 03/19/20 From Dante


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APRN: What a mess. I think this has thoroughly exhausted shorts and absolutely hilarious run. Looking for 20+ early and would look to short pops from there once a lower high in to risk off of. This story ends right back at 2 where it started from.

CODX: It's becoming more and more of a reality that they have no legitimate part in the testing happening, and feels like this is nothing more than trying to jam shorts at this point. Stay patient and look to attack any failed follow through. Don't expect too much more out of this one, the jig is largely up.

BMRA: Higher the better out of open tomorrow and looking to fade this soon. Eyeing 15+ out of open and watching for failed follow thru from there.

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See you out there!

- D


  1. Thanks 🙏

  2. Dante, I’m curious about your comments regarding CODX. What makes you feel they have no part in testing? Mitt Romney tweeted out a photo of their test kits thanking the company. CEO was also on CNBC (I think that was the network) at 5:30am today talking about being the only US co. approved for distribution outside the US and in multiple countries around the globe. Not looking for a pissing contest. I’ve been trading this one for days. So, I’m legitimately looking for your insight on this one. I always look to get better and seeing things from better, well seasoned traders is part of that. I appreciate your time.



  3. Thanks Dante.

  4. Thanks Dante


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