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Nathan Michaud


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Recent Blog Posts

On watch 11/15/18 from Emil

Here's why meditation would be good for you, a day trader? ARWR - going to look for a washout towards 11.75 for a bounce play and maybe swing, they had a good presentation 3 day ago where they put out some good results for hepatitis B treatment GOOS - in case will...

Scan for 11/15/18 From Nate

Busy day today nice day today. Good work! Nice Q&A midday today as well. Great prep work -- lets keep this rollin' UNG I may play tomorrow - was taking it easy there today as trend was in control -- if it gaps down and fails to rebound I may lean on it -- not a...

OddStockTrader Scan 11/15/2018

Ok day for me, but man talk about being patient for plays, biggest win came a/h on XSPA. Not trying to force anything still until I see an A+ setup still. I am fine with this during this market and just need to continue focusing on doing just that. Nat gas had some...

On watch 11/14/18 from Emil

RSLS - mornig ramp into 2.3 and stuff for a short and more unwind PSX - hope they will jam this pos higher towards 4 before will pull the plug out, some failed follow through might offer a decent opportunity too HTZ - pops into 19.2 for a short if will reject that...

On Watch 11/14/18 from Dante

  Check out my audio-blog series, where I narrate all my favorite blog posts for you guys. You can find that here.    AMRN: This got way overcooked today. Looking for a weak open low 14s to get long for the rebound.  They're going to offer soon, but I expect the...

Scan For 11/14/18 From Josh

Solid work today. Plenty of range in the market don't have to be first in first out. Focus on 10am+ for trend to develop. AMRN- thinking we get a trade both way here. If gap down will be looking 13.50-.80 for guide for a reversal r/g play and if gap up will be using...

Scan for 11/14/18 From Nate

What wild markets !!!! Please stay super safe Stay safe - I've been trying to be focused on less and let bigger ideas work -- PCG worked next time -- but liked the .10-.20 risk the first time. PXS worked all day. GE AMRN great range and VKTX had a plan but changed it...

OddStockTrader Scan 11/14/2018

Medicore day for me,  EYEG was decent but ended up giving back the other 1/2 I kept for a loss, so basically a flatish trade. Did take some PURA for a swing and the ebola names. Here is tomorrow, small list as I felt like there wasn't much that I tend to radar that is...