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Nathan Michaud


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Recent Blog Posts

On watch 01/17/19 from Emil

VHC - short ramp to 5.5 for more unwind TBLT - will be interesting to see a morning shove into 4 for some stuffing action PCG - ramp towards 8 area into mid morning and stuff there for a short and more unwind BIOC - if will manage to push through 2.75 might be a...

Scan for 01/17/19 From Nate

Big action today LGND - nice one! TBLT was a wild one - covered at close. KTOV I started off red there, tried it a few times but truthfully I am glad it exhausted me because late day that probably would have hurt a bit. Always a #KnowWhatYouOwn Situation -- that's why...

OddStockTrader Scan 1/17/2019

Fun day today, and man o man what a LGND'ary move on that one today. Rarely do we get those moves that just tank 20% intraday on a Citron report. Either way Weed is my focus on the short side for the rest of the week. EA - Decent call sweeps on this one today that I...

On watch 01/16/18 from Emil

VVUS - ramp into 4/8 watch for a stuff to short taking 5 o/u for a risk CGC - shove towards 4.5 area and watch for a stuff to short with jiggle room of $1 for a move to 35 in the next few days AXSM - held pretty well into last few days gonna watch dips into 7.6 area...

Scan for 01/16/19 From Nate

Craziness out there - I over traded a bit today was up the most at 10-1030AM and gave back some MBOT on the 1/4 left ... missed big VHC despite perfect plan (sold most too early) and CGC I had perfect exits and then ... oh what else is new, I went back -- and gave a...

OddStockTrader Scan 1/16/2019

SN - Full risk on .28 with potential breakout into the .45 area. CEI - Similar sector as SN, beatin down big time lately and if oil agrees can reverse, risk of BK however. EXDI - Closed decently, don't expect too much but its in THAT price range for promo style. CCCL...