JSC Scan 2/22/21

by | Feb 21, 2021

With BTC Gapping major, think there will be tons of opportunity in the stock-related crypto space short and long.

RIOT- thinking in the morning dips will get absorbed vs premarket lows want to see push on 80++ for afternoon fade, these maybe 100 though so I dont want to step in front until it stops the grind grind grind action and really starts speeding up meaning 1-2$ each rip so the higher better when that happens, if it does speed up 85-90-100s possible and be drawing lines along the way to find new support

WATT- prob the last name i trade but some squeeze potential there

MARA- similar idea here looking for btc to carry it to 50s and then possible fade off

CAN- looking for similar thing here 26-30-35 for a short

SCKT- 12 guide for a bounce long

GME- 41 guide for a bounce long nice move ah

GEVO- push to 13 for fails

TTD- watch lower highs be put in 945-10am for possible ss, if making higher highs avoid

ROKU- same idea

SHOP- would likeĀ  to see 1460-70 top out for a short play

CGC-36.50 guide for a long

TLRY- looking dips vs 27 post 10am


NVAX- looking for 300 reject for ss

MRNA- looking lower highs vs friday for ss

BNGO- looking 14.50 top out post 10am for ss








  1. SCKT has earnings on 24th

  2. Thanks Josh

  3. Thank you Josh!

  4. Thank you, Josh!


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