Investors Underground Service Walkthrough - An Inside Look at The Members Area

Investors Underground Service Walkthrough - An Inside Look at The Members Area

There are a lot of different trading services out there and it can be difficult for new traders to choose which one is the best investment. Many services make bold claims but never follow through.

If you join the wrong trading community, you may give up on trading before giving yourself the best shot at success. Investors Underground has been the top trading community for 10 years. That's 10 years of trading experience, 10 years of member feedback, and 10 years of service improvements. Our experience has allowed us to compile the best trading resources for traders of all skill levels.

We get a lot of requests for free trials, which we do not offer for a few reasons. First, we hold our chat room to the highest standards and opening the doors to trial users tends to add a lot of noise to the room. Second, trading success won't happen over a 7-day trial period; you need to put in the hours. We're confident in the value and resources we provide to members, and 85% of our members say they plan to renew their subscriptions. 82% of members rated Investors Underground as better than other trading services and 91% feel the service is a good value.

That said, we understand the desire to "try before you buy" so we wanted to give you an inside look at the Investors Underground community. Check out the video below to see get a better understanding of how Investors Underground operates and how it is different from other services on the market.

Investors Underground Service Walkthrough

Investors Underground Differentiators

The video above will give you the best understanding of how our community operates, but here are a few ways in which we differentiate ourselves.

Education Library

We believe education is key to trading success and we back that up. Every Investors Underground membership comes with access to thousands of hours of trading education. We have a library of video lessons, webinars, and trading courses.

Ongoing Support

We expect new traders to be committed to their trading success, but we don't expect them to do it alone. We want to help committed traders live up to their potential and we're here to help with individual struggles. If you have a question during the trading day, simply message a moderator in chat. If you have a broader trading question, we can address it in one of our monthly webinars.

New Resources

Over the past 10 years, the Investors Underground service has improved drastically. We've added tons of new features and resources without increasing membership costs. In the past few years, we've added new moderators and trading educators, a custom designed trading chat room, educational resources and much more.


Investors Underground caters to a wide range of trading styles. We understand that every trader has a unique trading style based on their availability and core competencies. Unlike other services, we don't promote a single trading style. We have a diverse community of traders who employ unique trading styles. Whether you're a swing trader, momentum trader, short seller, or penny stock trader, Investors Underground provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

Guidance vs. Alerts

We don't believe in the concept of an "alerts" service. Sure, it sounds good on paper - a "guru" provides an alert, you copy the trade, and you make bank. Unfortunately, that's not how it ends up working. Nine times out of ten, you get a worse entry and exit, and struggle to find profitability. We prefer to provide the guidance you need to become your own trading "guru." We lay out the game plans and guide you through the trades, so you can find profitable trading opportunities and develop a skillset.

Trade Walkthroughs

As mentioned above, Investors Underground values guidance over alerts. We provide ongoing commentary to help guide you through a trade every step of the way. We share the setups we're looking for, entries and exits, and the rationale behind the trade. This allows you to follow along and learn the methodology behind the trades.


  1. BottomPhishing

    Quality video guys, next level in all aspects.

  2. David Schanzlin

    Been a member for a month now and have nothing but great things to say about Nathan and the team. From a 1st class ran chat room to some real good in depth training videos, to daily watch lists that touch the different markets. Two thumbs up for IU

  3. JJ

    That snapshot ticker option. Very good option. I would love to have that in a platform.


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