[FREE VIDEO] The BEST Deal on TandemTrader & What is Float Rotation!?

by | Oct 12, 2014

As promised - a free video!

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So many traders are confused by float rotation and how the HECK stocks can run so far! But -- what they don't understand is it all comes down to price action and volume -- the COMPANY doesn't matter!! It's quite simply a trading vehicle ONLY.

Trade the ticker, not the company!  (When momentum trading low floats)




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Here's the promised video today and below that is the preview for TandemTrader!




TandemTrader preview!


  1. Great job of explaining float rotation Nate, I will send newbies that ask me what it means here, for as long as this video is up and I like that you talk to fast... sure as hell aren't putting anyone to sleep. 😀 (Don't take that wrong, I'm joking with ya)

  2. I watched this float rotation many times big eye opener for me thanks. Glad I found it again..


    Do you have a blog on front side vs back side? your tweets confused me today on $FORD

    Do you have a blog on analysis paralysis ? I think my position sizing is just to large getting me scared.


      • no just text book trading

        • What was confusing on the tweets and/or comments I can try to help

          • You said today's price action on $ford was front side of the move. even though it has already made a huge move to $3.90 on previous days. From my understanding this is back side bounce move. Not a front side move.

            I do understand that the volume is increased today and yesterday. So it would make sense that it could easily push over the $3.90 and to be careful shorting on a low float.

          • Don't forget it's super low float traded twice the float yesterday had traded all of it in 30 minutes today ... 15 million shares now so front side of the move TODAY 1 min chart intraday be careful as it could have easily ripped and still may rip through $2s

          • I guess my confusion was thinking about the daily chart, not intraday chart. which is what you were referring to. since its such low float prior daily price action means almost nothing.
            Make sense thanks for the clarification.

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