Free Scan Sunday: Stocks to Watch for Monday March 4, 2019

by | Mar 3, 2019

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We had some fun on the slopes!

We had a lot going on the last two weeks and we've done a ton of recaps! I hope if you're new to seeing this scan that you've had a chance to see our recent recaps and videos -- if not -- check out a few of the recent video recaps and chat logs and if questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

Here's the game plan for tomorrow!

Video Scan + Game Plan

Stocks to Watch Tomorrow

BPTH lower better in the AM hopefully traps and then we get a good rally back tomorrow. I am thinking shorts are really in trouble. I would not underestimate. I captured the entire move on video so will be sending that out to members to review activity, traps etc. I hope commentary was helpful Friday capture both the short side and long side of this as well as held a portion of it over just in case. This is the thinnest name we've had in a while and it feels like shorts going themselves in a bit of trouble. More comments when we do the pre market broadcast tomorrow morning.

CIFS nearly hit $4 after hours. I think the 60 million day found a float buyer they let it trap for a few days and then onward and upward. If this opens $4 + or something wild I'll be looking for the borrow and fade it accordingly, if not and things stabilize and trap into 945-10AM + and VWAP holds I have no problem taking the trade long.

NIO ideally dips $9.80 as a guide and more continuation this week. There has been some good consolidation the last few days and if it's ready -- I think we can see a .50-1.00 + move near term -- if not probably more of the same consolidation and VWAP hugging. Many asked me about it in the Trader's Lounge this week but as you likely saw -- it was hugging VWAP so there isn't much of an edge.

SQBG nice trade into midday Friday - shorts probably still there and we also have T+2 tomorrow - watch vs. $1.90s if $2 bases - should have nice continuation. If $2 stays heavy - avoid.

FTCH this type of candle lately has been getting absorbed the following day and then ramping back towards recent highs (ie: $30-31+)

FOLD nice momentum action dips $13.60-13.80s ideal and then rally on $14-15 +

IMMU lower better as long as it holds .20-.30 from close and then rally back for gap fill possibly on $18 near term

BE big break out - swing suggesting on a recent scan on the first green day on $10 break but - can't get them all. I surely didn't make much on the trade I was there but didn't last long at all and then watched it run 50% -- but focused for $17-18 + blow off and sit back ideally fade it for a $1+ move

BILI two days in a row nails in the room - looking for$ 18.20-18.30s and fade again - if it starts to base $18-18.20s -- forget it.

JD comments to come in the morning - we've nailed it past two days I need to see it pre market to make many comments

NTNX perfect short off open ramps on Friday - I know it doesn't look like much looking back at the chart but it did offer some nice pushes within the 1 min candles to get short. Ideally $35 + test and then unwind come mid morning. They stayed with pressure on Friday so we may need $2-3 more fade before it finds any base.

VYGR so far, breaking out again - great idae from the first day to start buy all dips vs. the recent low. Again, missed since so much going on. I think this will stay in trend until $17-18s + and then I'll be reviewing for a short. For now all weak opens I like for break out continuation.

PFNX weak open vs. $5 risk like the idea

DDD joined trend Friday - would look for pops vs. $12.30-12.50s


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  2. Nate thank u so much, it's very helpful getting insight from a vet trader.


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