Free Scan Sunday: Stocks to Watch for Monday April 29, 2019

by | Apr 28, 2019

Hope everyone had a great weekend - please check yesterday's video regarding recent momentum names, failed follow through momentum and at least the trouble I've had with them, vs. the much cleaner trades in the "REAL" market.


As usual, just some bigger picture ideas bell to bell style type names of interest -- likely take one or two from watch list + two more pre market and those will be my main watches.

The rest below are swing looks (broke scan in two) as the big picture ideas have really been working lately. If I am right I add and keep right if things are sideways, fading, not moving as EXPECTED I've been kicking them off and focusing on ones that are going straight up ie: ZYNE etc.

Video Scan + Game Plan

Stock Watch List

IGC nice alert on Friday with the patent off those high $1.2x's low $1.3x's went a lot further than I expected. Ideally has some secondary push if so I'd be looking to join dips vs. $1.60s if CGC CRON etc have seconday shoves

MAT nice unwind today - watch for any morning shove since it was a relatively weak close and then failed follow through momentum. I think we have a .50-.70 trade I just don't know if we're gapping .20-.30 and then fading red and then some or if we're going to make up ground from Friday where it faded from. In this market it's really about finding the names with range and then join the trend 945-10AM + on ones like these.

MOBL weak open for break out is ideal not a rush to get long here this may take a few days to consolidate too - but based on Friday it kept hitting scanner and was some nice staying power.

WWR total turd it's just a 1.5 milly float and they have an S-1 they're looking to raise. When it comes it'll be bad but lately they are always worth watching post reverse split because all it takes is one interested party and away we go much higher. Remember what we discussed on video this week though #KnowWhatYouOwn

F nice trade opportunities on Friday both the short pre market for the quick slam and then the dip buys vs. VWAP through day. Weak open for .10-.15 is ideal and then carry on higher.

HEXO was hitting scan all day as well looking at dips vs. $7.70s

NWL looking to accumulate dips next few days as long as overall trend holds each morning for $1-1.50+ rally

TIGR good score at close would be watching flush to $16.50 or below real quick - looking to react to that and we may have buyers back. I'd focus on proper entry not chasing or anticipating. Let the trade come to you. Perfect ABCD break out on Friday.

SOLY watching for a leg up into this -> Trial Results to be Presented at National Aesthetics Conference on May 11, 2019. May be similar to TIGR


ZYNE I sold entire swing on Friday when tweeted was scaling out along the way - I am looking to get back in though it did hold very well. As long as dips hold the next few days I will be looking to be there on weakness -- and risk 10.70-80s

LIFE I sold some around core had started the swing as well mid low .50s ramped up on Friday nicely - will keep trading around core until it gets momentum or fades off.

QHC I forgot about on Friday traded it the prior day - looking for a big picture dip scoop here on any good weakness - feels like the type we'll see grind up and then have a really big day.

LEVB watching for dips vs 5.60s

MCRB remember this one? It finally did it I was long that big volume day back in March with a goal of this exact trade - minus the 2 months in between LOL - took way longer than I though so I didn't make it but I am now interested on all dips vs 7 risk

PRVB as noted nearly a week + ago I wanted to buy dips I barely got even 1/4 size - and it just keeps ripping. So far good, just lacking a proper entry size.

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