Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday November 8, 2021

by | Nov 7, 2021

For the first time in quite some time we've been seeing some downright destruction on earnings plays and news driven plays. Yes we've had stocks pull back of course but the number of 35-50% drops on major names last week like MRNA and PTON BLUE etc was downright massive.

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

F I am zoning in on this but without a massive bias -- yes I think we are on the brink of a major $1-1.5 flush opportunity and I'd love pops vs $19.60s like Friday. If the sector continues to stay hot we could see pulls vs. $19 get absorbed and continue to break out $20-22. Prepared for both but looking for that correction day before higher ideally.

PFE nice levels given in room on Friday. Would love to see a gap and push on $50 before fading off. Only other trade I'd look for is 945-10AM + trend join.

IONQ so far so good nice idea on the big picture idea on last weeks scan - had that look and that feel of 'shoulda died by now' and trappy action. I'd love to see weak opens and more $20-22 + squeeze out before possibly correcting a bit.

LCID so far so good from last weeks discussion - that volume was something else and what I call a transitional day. Like we talked about TSLA paving the way for market cap catch up where $20B ... $50B vs. $1.2 trillion, yeah it's starting to make sense. Any huge moves here I think can be good fades but I do think the overall sentiment will be dips getting soaked in the near term.

Failed Follow Through:

MRNA higher better thinking $5-10 + shove and then unwind again.

BLUE morning shove and unwind is ideal.

BKKT feels like it squeezed everyone out and looking to fade all pops CAUTIOUS of swipes though - this loves to act trappy.


ASRT joined this one Friday - looking for continuation and will scale if trend holds.

METX possible .65-.70 gapper and then expect to fail if it defies gravity and starts to churn up hell, never know could have that secondary shove and people start thinking about $1 magnet.

PTPI killer trade last week - another nice shove on Friday but didn't have the staying power. As I wrote / discussed I like selling around a core on any good rips but this feels like it could have a bit more in the near term if some more PRs - liquidity trap setting up but below key support so nothing I would assume/think/expect to go unless OVER $3.10-3.15 levels firm.

KULR you know where I've been at since $2.10 on this one so far so good - impressive staying power. It'd be nice if we start to speed up $4-4.50 soon.

GEO nice swing so far from last week - downsized some but letting rest work may re size back in.

HOOD looking to build as long as this holds over $35 for swing $40-50 short term.

HTZZ going to watch for possible old school OTC style squeeze. Nothing to chase but if it keeps building and doesn't break down when it should I'd love to see that low liquidity squeeze mode.

Staying Familiar:


  1. CRTX, very oversold, grinding off lows

  2. So much good stuff this evening! Commentary on your watchl list for this week was extra good this week! 17 minutes; Big Picture for your account. ♥

    Thank you!


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