Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Tuesday July 5, 2022

by | Jul 4, 2022

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

Market kicked up into high gear past two weeks. Probably my best week last week in a few months - couple nice back-to-back days after the LYT home run!

Staying out of trouble has been key - that's done by identifying the key channels that names are stuck in and not getting emotionally attached to it. Big difference getting a feel for a name and being aggressive too much too soon. That small change can really change your trading for good.

Video Topics

  • AGRX #KnowWhatYouOwn
  • Identifying Channels: HTGM / EVFM (More It Trades Above)
  • The Dumpers Are Back! LYT!
  • Think About Big Picture Thought Process

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

NIO every day this has been great - if I am wrong I either move on or don't add since it's just typically a first entry however if I am right - I scale scale scale each opportunity I can and cover the flush around a core as you saw on Friday charts as well as the rest of the week. Typically solid move off open and cautious getting biased before 10AM!

LI same as rest - clean unwinder on Friday. Looking to join trend as well.

MU recent numbers should offer a nice trade the next few days - really nice on Friday as you likely saw but similar concept to NIO LI - looking to trade this thing the next few days reactively.

AMD going to become a likely trading vehicle as well - it's been working so well barely being aggressive with small caps and just focusing on the reactive/trend joins these types have been offering.

Failed Follow Through:

AMC been a big set up every day - just let it blow off and heck of a fade each day. Great go to name - the only way you get smacked around is fighting trend and scaling into a loser. Behave and it's very friendly!

YSG stalking stalking stalking - this is going to be a big one. Be patient, wait for the exchange, bid pull and make sure it's staying heavy and should be fantastic soon. Price alerts, set 'em!

EVFM higher better and looking for failed follow through.

LYT held some short over - did exactly what we talked about on the broadcast. Typically they have a morning shove consolidate look like death trap and squeeze out round two before they walk. Thinking 20-30% fade on Tuesday but ideally we get some upside first.

APRN killer fade midweek off that $4 blow off - we got another nice set up forming let it get nice and retail crowded again and should offer something nice in a few days again. Zero reason to step in front but when the set up is there like last time I'll fade it again. I think the shareholder base has made a dozen meme's pretending I am still short even though I posted the short and the covers 😛 but you know how it is - we can all get a lil chuckle at the time spent, flattering 🙂


CLVS nice idea on scan Thursday night -- great break out Friday. If weak open holds .10-.20 red and sets up for r/g I'm interested -- otherwise gap up $3-3.50 + parabolic and fade off.

AYTU catalyst July 9th held well - we are in the right market if it catches could easily push through $1 if it wants. Positioned a bit on Thursday flipped some around a core but will let it work until it breaches my entry.

FSRD won't chase but will watch if dips hold and builds

QD dips vs $1.20 looks nice on charts

MOBQ no vol but won't go away so have my eyes on it vs $1.20s - perhaps they're sitting on a PR one of these days and momentum comes.

Staying Familiar:

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