Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday July 27, 2020

by | Jul 26, 2020

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend.

I feel like Monday's are crazy lately where SOME of the time we have A+++++ set ups and other times it's like tonight where I know we'll have 800 gappers and we just need to wait to get a feel for what's going on BUT there isn't anything I am 100% A+ RIGHT Out of the gate THIS is my focus. And, that's okay.

"Staying Familiar" I think we have trades on SOON - I set PRICE ALERTS on these above/below areas of consolidation.

Topics for Tonight's Scan

- Focus on where you are wrong on a trade
- You're limiting yourself if you're exiting as soon as you are entering (if you're covering in same candles that you're shorting)
- Think about what trades are sizable trades not every trade
- Marathon training for trades like ABUS
- Trades that are WORTH the RISK
- I want 5 NEW folks to try Avidity Fitness Zoom in home work outs 100% free this week !! 6 did it last week and LOVE it -- DM Zach Here

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

ABUS higher better off open crazy opportunity on Friday. Hopefully $5.30-5.50s+ and then fade off again. Hopefully pops up with the MRNA news this weekend. Let's make a plan come Monday AM once we see the action.

TWTR thinking 945-10AM + trend join trade either Monday but more likely Tues/Weds thinking $1.50-2 trade coming.

NIO reactive trade as well over/under $12 range.

Failed Follow Through:

NTZ higher better vs $2 + good volume on Friday

ENT newsletter pump on Friday pre market gave some GREAT entries that we probably wouldn't have had otherwise. Higher better vs. $4 tomorrow is goal.

AUPH they wanted the buy out - steady sell since I think there will be a seller present from here on out - possible unwind sub $13 into $12s short term. Shave that premium off like AMRN did.


EMAN ideally PR and 1.70-2 pre market just to make it easier 🙂 if not all good locked some in Friday great idea EARLY. This is the contract HERE. Nothing from company if they PR it, it'll be news for the other 90% of people who didn't see it and we have the edge.

MOGO still have Thursdays buys - locked some around core letting the trade work.

RNET still have swing on from $2.70s an adds have sold some around core -- key is $3.50s over/under set up for $4-5 possible. If it stops going up appears heavy etc obviously I'd be moving on.

MIST not too excited about it but - looking for 945AM + trend join.

CYRN joined some Friday - nice move, nice trend if it can't base $1.60-1.70's likely move on.

CHFS dips getting soaked possible break out trade.

Staying Familiar:

These are all stocks I set price alerts for:


  1. Is there might be a mistake about $TWTR here? You said thinking 1.5-2 dolar trade coming. The stock is 37.54 now

    • No mistake, thinking we'll have a $1.50-2/share trade to take soon. Have to see which way it decides to go but I think by Tuesday.

  2. Thanks Nate.

    • Thanks Nate. This is awesome. Hopefully, I can get to see every day.

  3. Thank you Nate. It's amazing how almost everything you say hits home. I saw a recent twitter post you made regarding sizing in relation to commitment literally a few minutes after I had failed to pull the trigger (yet again ) on a trade that was there for me. Hard to do while under PDT, but it was a great wake up call.

    I'm happy to say that, more often than not, I'm finding these squeezers by watching the tape, but always miss my entry. Its' frustrating (but also reassuring) when later I see one of your tweets confirming what I see. I just have to get better at buying that dip at the bottom of the range before it squeezes so I'm in the money and have a buffer if it doesn't break out.

    PS: I wish I could get that UI one month free. I would milk that chat like you have no idea.

  4. Is it just me or the video doesn’t work?


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