Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday July 25, 2022

by | Jul 24, 2022

Crazy heat wave here in New England it's been 90-98 the past week and a half which is super abnormal but I'm not complaining one bit! I covered lotta stuff too early on Friday but also would have got chopped on TBLT I'm sure if I stuck around had some good entries good covers got in the car and said you know what

Video Topics

  • Traders4ACause 24 Hours --> 24 Minutes!
  • Mid Week Modification I Made (Too Many Movers)
  • Lance Interview
  • HKD Finally Got 'Em (Warning)
  • HTGM APRN Discord Unwinders
  • Using Levels (TSLA / TBLT) Now vs. Then

Questions From YouTube

QUESTION for the week ahead Nate: For Swing setups like FFIE and MREO and liquidity trap setups, how do you place your initial stop and how do you change it over time? Thanks for the TOP content!

QUESTION: Hi Nate! I have a question: When are you interested in trading large caps? I see in that you tweet sometimes about a trade you made on large caps or SPY or TQQQ, but rather rarely. I was wondering what's your criteria to trade them and what you look for in them.

QUESTION: Thanks Nate you are the best. "looking for THE exchange day and unwind day to take advantage" can u give more information to predict this day ?

QUESTION: I have a question for next scan. Where are you looking to enter stocks people have forgotten about? You've talked about set price alerts wait for key levels to break, but where are the entries and risk levels? Some of them fade without a bounce and any entry feels like a chase, other times they drop under key level bounce then fade which is nice, other times they break look to be failing, come back more than expected before the fade. Do these need a little more room?

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

AMC now that's what you call an A+ set up - thinking steady pressure each day like last time after the squeeze out -- just be cautious of the day it ramps pulls and holds VWAP and you should be okay. Incredible prep last week.

MARA watch with BTC but remember if BTC is sideways respect the trend - sector moves hang on longer than you think. BTC came in Friday nicely and so did MARA and RIOT. RIOT many times ends up being ETB so for those who are cost sensitive - similar moves, no borrow cost.

Failed Follow Through:

RYTM had the PR probably a sell the news situation like we chatted pre market - finally gave it back now watch all pops for FAILED FOLLOW THROUGH do not ASSUME it will fail on a rebound -- but let it prove then looking to fade it again.

VERU as long as VWAP stays heavy - great quiet fader on Friday.

SIGA same - all of these had their 'insane runs' lasted 'longer than expected' and now shorts got twisted and untwisted and moved on -- now the pressure likely remains. IF NOT and VWAP reclaims and you're fighting - realize it!

AMTD huge move off HKD I think this could be the better focus than HKD itself.

TKLF nice one on Friday example of heavy shorts come in - flat line - why over hold? Look for it in coming days - cautious of T+2

TBLT higher better and failed follow through - as usual if I trade it I'll look for the BIG trade wide stop and scale if right. Let everyone else waste time. It followed levels from pre market to a tee on Friday.

EVTL will be boring but watch all pops and unwinds could be like FFIE

CLNN same.

YSG trade plan continues to work - look at HTGM for example after the run moves along or IMTE.


RDBX watching for bounce day - may have one false bounce, collect shorts then go. Cautious thinking it HAS to bounce first price alert I set was $3.90s on Thursday when it rejected but like FFIE let it do it's thing and watch for higher lows.

SNAP capitulation trade - watch gap down and reversal

FFIE gap down consolidate and rebound again is ideal

Staying Familiar:


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