Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday July 20, 2020

by | Jul 19, 2020

Top 3 Things That Will Make You A Better Trader:

1. JUST Stop. Making. Excuses.
- David Goggins

2. Professional Athlete
- Put in the work
- Show up game day without prep?
- Difference between good and great.
- Tom vs. Time

3. Consistency "On/Off The Field"
- Right now big change for me
- I NEED FIVE THIS WEEK !! Same process (Avidity Fitness - GROWING - Goal = 5 + traders !! Just DM Zach right HERE)
- Have a drink on weekends if needed
- Repeat repeat repeat

Those that ask educated questions as they know -- get educated replies, well thought out replies. Those that ask questions that are in the "Getting started page" or "Read this before reading chat" etc. I'm going to give you that well needed talking to to either treat this game with respect otherwise get ran over by Mr. Market.

Do you want it? Is trading a hobby or something you want to do as a career?

Video Topics

  • Swing Review ABIO HHT BOXL - PDSB VCNX etc.
  • BOXL - Can always tell when Kool Aid is highest (ie: MARK IZEA etc) benefit of boxing -- how it came in handy on Friday AHs!
  • Last weeks review (Biggest Swing long + biggest intraday swing)
  • Always re checking in with risk department - size vs. float
  • Never forget the float ! GENE RMBL WIMI EQ etc.
  • Volume trumps all
  • Tesla earnings -> EV Sector July 22nd

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

JE long from mid .6x's after hours sold some $1.1x's before it closed $1.30-1.40 AHs - thinking this could be one that is up huge pre market -- like silly big and then fade off trap through the morning and turn on a dime into circuit halts at some point. Likely will be active if it does as expected.

HTBX higher better - looking to fade it but this is in the COVID space and much like we've seen ALT VXRT IBIO etc things just get soaked. So stop thinking that it HAS to pull back. Take advantage of the opportunity and high volume but don't over stay. It's been a great big lot trader -- but you have to not be looking for full unwind.

NIO higher better $11.70-12s + and then looking for more fade.

Failed Follow Through:

BOXL $150M S-3 out AHs so they likely try to support price for a bit with PRs -- looking to fade any good pops. Great long last week for over a doubler + and then great short plan on the parabolic as well as the short blow out Thursday at the bell. Tape has been way different since. Commentary on point in IU!

LRN looking to trade failed follow through momentum BUT if 945-10AM firms up - I'd join for squeeze $50 +

UAVS higher better looking to join any failed follow through -- not sure I'd get long but definitely not looking to step in front.

MVIS higher better and ideally fades back looks like they squeezed most out Friday.

IBIO I have under failed follow through as that's the trade I want but - as I said on Friday $3.80s bases this can easily squeeze out. Looking for a REACTIVE trade next week. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE.


VRNA killer idea in room Friday from $9s -- sold the IRA 1/2 at $15 but over held the other batch. As noted lower better I think many got caught averaging down and down and down into close and had to blow out -- I think the fact they just raised will be a short thesis but appears like it's in strong hands so I could see this holding trend. Lower better looking to position around core hold in IRA.

HHT lower better ideally $1.60-1.70 starts to base for secondary trade great job last week from $1.20 !

SPCE weak open for squeeze out is goal higher better - blow off then looking to flip short.

PDSB sold some Friday from swing idea when noted - looking to re accumulate dips around core as long as $2.80s holds well.

CLSK small long left - sold some into break out Friday looking for all dips as long as trend holds.

RYAM $3.20 and $3.50 key levels to watch dips on.

PRPO buyer in tape watch all dips as long as $1.30s hold - no reason to chase entry imo

ARC dips vs. $1.10s was game plan

Staying Familiar:


  1. The tough talk and truth about trading is so key to growth. I appreciate the David Goggins book recommendation and will start to listen today. The biggest key and takeaway for me is repetition and how you stress it with working out. Discipline and doing what it takes to learn. Thanks for all you are doing for the trading community!

  2. Thanks Nate! My question is how would you define the backside of a move? This is for intraday and multiday charts. Obviously market sentiment and sector momentum directly affect this but I'm interested in your answer. Thank you!

    • Check the video patience prevents pre exhaustion on youtube!

    • once a high swing high is formed .....then lower highs.........grinds down

  3. I have been following you for a couple months and I want to join but I have a full time job and am not ready to leave Yet.
    I like how you are down to earth and a straight shooter not cocky like most of the others. My question is can I benefit from joining the chat as a part timer to try and learn until I can put all of my time in or am I better off waiting.

  4. Always interested in making more money

  5. Thank you!

  6. Awesome info Nate! I watch these every week and keep learning more. I’m still balancing how many alerts I can manage as a part time trader, but I appreciate you letting new traders know how you monitor things when they aren’t on your main watch screens. As a new trader I don’t have the screen real-estate as pros so the alerts help me gain more eyeballs in a sense. Thanks again and seeing you be dad and trader is motivation. I’m in the same boat here.

  7. Thanks nate for your stock picks and i have been following your mails. How do i join the chart room.


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