Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday December 14, 2020

by | Dec 13, 2020

Another week, another Sunday Scan!

Video Topics

  • News this week
  • Dangling the carrot
  • Jets, Cars, Homes
  • Best Traders I Know
  • Webinar 8PM EST
  • Understanding Where Momentum is (GLSI / SLS etc)
  • Three weeks into year end
  • Independence or Dependence
  • Limited Margin IRA

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

DIS was one that I had a perfect plan off open for but missed it so I went back a few times but just donated each time had I nailed it off open I don't think I would have touched it. Nice opportunities midday but thinking $1-2 weak open Monday gets met with a bid for red/green and push $180+ otherwise gap up $2-3 and fade off $170-172

HJLI pretty major trade on Friday, I had a plan with this one had been watching it saw someone swipe it at 10:40AM so bought a whole bunch a few minutes later someone had swiped it $1-1.50 higher so I didn't bother discussing it since it was already on it's merry way. Ideally get some shorts into the catalyst this week with the opportunity to get a secondary shove. I bought a few into the panic sells EOD from all the chasers puking out. Lower better and will look to position into catalyst this week and then get out, not over stay.

LAZR lower better and bounce opportunity. Reminder that nothing has broke out too far nor faded!

U what an opportunity to start off the week for $15-20/share that I had been prat of - key is not to lose this one off radar if it wants to continue to fail we can still have an $8-10 fade fade sub $150s. Price alerts set.

Failed Follow Through:

VTVT the big one on Friday, I didn't even start too early pre market but got in there after a stuff it ended up HOLDING so I sized down to prevent myself from having any emotional attachment and was able to size way in with confidence into the stuff move into VWAP .40-.50 higher. Let it work down $1/share + and what a gift it was! Higher better Monday and looking to quietly fade it off.

SNOA as noted in the room if you long this thing you're asking for it. I downsized my risk into close - great short all day. The volume was a bit out of hand so had to stay a little safe off open given that the newsletter kept trying to circuit halt it up but they got buried multi times and all the blind chasers accounts are now busted. Higher better vs $10 and can fade right back to $6.

NH killer trade front side and front side covers -- followed by secondary squeeze and re short. Key levels posted in the room were second to none and hopefully kept everyone safe. Had a ton of feedback on this one. Also check the 6 month chart - Notice anything? What do we preach and what worked well? Perfect world = $4 gap and sit back flat.


SLDB solid scoops in the room $4.50s sold some into the parabolic but going to let this one work in case we gap over $6-6.50 + and get rollin' Looking left we should ASSUME it's going to have a bit of trouble with that $6 area however if we build the next few days or gap way through it could have a serious squeeze. I am keeping my average good here.

TTCF been buying dips last few days as noted in room - thinking we have a powerful week this week. Lots of catalyst incoming it'd be great to see this thing ramp through $20-22 + vs. $17 area. I'd love to scale into the trade if it's right.

BCRX thinking this may be a tuck and forget steady grind to $10-12 over time.

AESE so far good. Dips vs $1.30s now that the $1.10s level I have became a new base as shown by the ticks. Nothing to chase but watch if it builds as it did over $1.10 w/ a $1.30 base.

PROG nice from Thursday added to winner Friday ideally $5-6 + parabolic

BLRX set up for a major move $2.75-3 +

MOTS dips for break out is ideal - currently positioned you can see the wicks vs $1 formed.

CLRB same plan as before $2.40-2.50 is trigger.

Staying Familiar:


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