Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday August 3, 2020

by | Aug 2, 2020

Hope everyone had a solid week what a crazy week of insane squeezers - black swans you name it.

Video Discussion Topics

  • Black Swans
  • Reckless - Worst & Best
  • A+ set ups KNDI / ABUS
  • Move should feel right
  • Put in the work
    Newsletter influence (once they stop in/out algo walks)
  • Compound your strategy
  • Market that takes / gives
  • 3 30ks vs 100k
  • Why we do this

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

JMIA higher better A++++ set up forming for this week - is that $18-20? Was it peaked Friday? We'll find out but higher better and this is a FANTASTIC set up where the higher it goes the more prepared I'll be.

HIHO went wild AHs and almost traded the float. While it may just have been a bit of FOMO and everyone went for it I think there will be a decent opportunity here. Very easy to borrow name likely we walk up and it's easy to borrow but super thin float. They did a notification of a late filing which most think negative if just reading the filing itself but if you read it, they did have a bit of positive information in there despite being late. With that said, possible shorts came in because of the form and then realized what it said. I scooped low $3s and sub $4s it ran up to $8 AHs, despite trading it some I held some I am thinking this is 100% gapper in the AM attracts a bunch more attention float is thin enough very easily could be the wild one for Monday. The way it came in AHs I typically love because gives short every reason to hold and add add add. That said, if trend fails to trap in the AM then forget it.

SRNE nice unwind on Friday after the morning shove over $10 had a great short on it covered a bit too early but kept going back smaller for the unwind. This feels a lot like INO where it just keeps going up but everyone is short biased, no one I see is long etc. All just negative. I get it, rightly so but in this market that matters because moves unwind the shorts in a big way lately. Pushed up a bit AHs - very easily could keep on squeezing. For me, Higher better looking for failed follow through momentum set up.

VISL closed near the lowest point and they're doing a 1 for 6 reverse split. I scooped some just in case because those plays have been working ie: ACHV put out a PR and doubles. This one isn't as thin but it'll be in the $3 range any PR can go $4-5 quickly which realistically isn't a big move in this market. Seems like they're figuring out what is working lately. If no PR if no move keeping on watch for one. Easily could run pre market in current market environment.

Failed Follow Through:

ACHV really nice short idea from pre market broadcast on Friday. Hopefully many scored as well. Higher better and likely finds it's way back to $10 in the short term. I think the real move will be once it fades off most traders radars ie: EQ TAOP EDSA etc.

OSTK higher better huge chart very expensive borrow at Etrade 999% but the rest of the brokers are not that high. Interesting for sure. It'd be nice to see a blow off move happen here and then look to fade the back side. So far big action last week, consolidation day Friday we'll likely have a $5-7 move near term. I am not looking to find top, but I'll ride it once profit taking comes in. Stock as doubled twice since July.

PRPO morning shove and back side move - sign of the times after KNDI KODK everyone was super excited.

TLSA great trade on Friday both long into the short. Thinking this could easily hang around and push back on $8 again before fades back to $4s. I think they caught shorts in a big way even Thursday squeeze was wild. Forward splits - welcome to 1999 er .... 2020.

SONN great idea on this one - was nice to be part of the long side Friday for the gap and squeeze - but as noted in the room #KnowWhatYouOwn no real reason for this to be over $5 yes it could be pre market but would face some wild pressure once market opened.


KODK traded the rally into close on Friday nice $3/share very liquid could size in whatever you felt comfortable with. My thought is small gap and push on Monday to keep liquidity up and then figure out if it's going to sell back off or not. I kept some over since I had a good average. Nice job for those who nailed back side unwind.

CYCC daily chart has been setting up watch dips if $5.50s start to build

FLDM nice alert and action on Friday. Pretty big opportunity. Thinking we may have a day two like last time. Opened up and ran hard.

HMHC started in liking the wicks we talk about on daily - possible break out near term.

DRTT couple forward looking events started into dips Friday will accumulate $1.50 over/under as risk.

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