Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday April 26, 2021

by | Apr 25, 2021

Another Sunday video scan - seems like the weeks are starting to fly by faster and faster heading into better weather.

Had a nice hike yesterday!


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Video Topics:

  • Take control of your trades - pre market / after hours = CHOICE
  • Pre Exhaustion
  • Always look left
  • Trending market
  • Are you comfortable? OCGN
  • Swings are back!

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Questions Sent In:

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

MVIS crazy volume crazy action in tape on Friday lots of blocks being passed back and forth in my opinion and not natural volume - they did it enough to set the trap and use that to control the price action for the day. Thinking they squeezed out into the close and we may see a weak open but like SKLZ FSR etc we should have a great set up regardless. Power open gap up squeeze for fade or weak open shove - failed follow through for fade. If we consolidate $16.50-17 for an hour or two before taking a leg up that'd be the only way I'd get interested on long side.

OCGN what a crazy move. Goal on scan Thursday night was big gap and walk it down trap again for the squeeze $12-15 and well, hey there we had it. Next thought was we end in a circuit down halt - and well, we had it 🙂 Then -- I did not participate -- but killllllller alert by TradeHawk on Friday AHs before it ramped up which means it's going to be a fantastic opportunity on Monday as well. I haven't seen the amount of buy side pressure for 2-3 hours straight in a LONG time. That was INTENSE on Friday. What a crazy end to the week I hope all did phenomenal. If new, I hope you avoided it. That's always the easy answer. $11.80-12 ideal gap spot or higher - never know I would expect/anticipate $12.20s to have issues (even if it gaps over that level I think it may still may have issues). This to me is likely a wait for open and see the action vs. try to figure it out pre market.

Failed Follow Through:

SYPR ideally $4.70-5 push out again and fade otherwise $4.50 over/under and looking to join the fade.


I was just commenting about how swings were ehhhh lately and nothing really moving and then all of a sudden a dozen of my swings went nuts Thursday Friday etc. So, hey let's keep it going 🙂

PLBY so far so good - still there from sub $25s and add add add add. As you know I've been just letting it work. My goals are all still the same and we're smack in the middle of my target I talked about $40-60. So far it's acted even better than I thought on the re take of trend and who knows I may keep my eyes closed and let this thing really extend if if it wants to put in a few back to back to back $5-8 + upside days before the parabolic.

RAIL another one that I've been letting work because it was working well then took a week off came back nicely. Letting it work longer term.

APTO came back well - still positioned. If you recall had this on dips the first big day and had quite the move back to back to back days -- trimmed a bit but ended up riding it back towards and below entry like a knucklehead before getting a good bounce. Nothing exciting until $5.50s starts to re take.

CREG very nice rebound - another one that I've had for a very long time - had an 8-K AHs finally closing the $11.522 avg private placement which is about a $2.50/share premium to current price. It did move over $10 AHs before coming back in some. Perhaps they are checking the boxes off so they can start putting some PRs out - nice idea last few days from mid $6s on Twitter as well.

AFMD so far so good from swing idea - been on a few Sunday scans in a row now as well as recent move - scaled in key levels. Ideally starts to build at a higher base and firms up before next leg up $12-15.

UXIN acted just like last time where it went nuts for the first 30 minutes AHs before settling in. Very nice idea on Friday high $1.5x's for the bigger picture idea for gapper - went straight up AHs to $2.40s + so I trimmed off

PLUG so far so good the best trade was no trade after that scoop on Wednesday I guess huh? That and FCEL 🙂 Just close eyes always easier said than done. But, joined trend Friday and as noted in room held for gapper wanted to let it work.

FCEL same as PLUG

BTN so far so good, the wicks we talk about every Sunday video scan - looking to add to the position - killer swing so far.

GALT been a big picture idea for the week - swing idea on scan this week was if $2.60s firmed up for the break out not to shabby so far. Looking to move on after morning strength.

BGI I went for a ride on this one was in $2 road it to $5 never sold many back to $2 and then went to $3.40s AHs - I sold a big chunk of it at $3.30s+ since it was promoted online -- would look to see if we get another opportunity in coming days to re position.

BTX killer swing so far if it doesn't rip into circuit halts off open and baes $15-16 I'll be done w/ the trade. Great game plan in the room last week. I tried to be as patient as possible.

Staying Familiar:

This section is for setting price alerts and at least being aware of the charts - seeing it once so that when and if it hits a price alert you set you're all prepared.

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