Emil Cuzman

Emil stared trading in 2000 on the European market as a swing trader. He grew his portfolio significantly by 2007 through the use of his buy and hold strategy. Unfortunately, Emil lost 80% of his capital by 2009 due to a lack of discipline and his failure to adapt to new market conditions. Emil attempted to utilize different strategies multiple times before getting consistent. He joined Investors Underground and began learning the strategy he uses today (mostly shorting extended charts.) During the past few years Emil fine-tuned his strategies and now profits consistently as a career day trader.

Trading Style

  • Short Trades 80% 80%
  • Long Trades 20% 20%
  • Nasdaqs 95% 95%
  • OTCs 5% 5%
  • Day Trading 90% 90%
  • Swing Trading 10% 10%

Main Brokers

Interactive Brokers & SpeedTrader



DAS Trader


Favorite Setup

HOD Rejection Momentum Shifter

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On watch 04/18

PTCT - higher the better to s/s,ideally 10.5 - 11 level then back side OCLR - weak open r/g CPXX  - back on radar,needs a para move to be interested in a short AUY - weak open r/g AEZS - same as above,sit back to 4.1 then perking If u have questions do not hesitate to...

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On watch 04/14

CHK - shorting pops to 6.20 for more unwind CWEI - same plan as above GPRO WTW - weak open r/g RPRX - watching 3 for s/s SID - ideally push to 4 then back side to s/s If u have questions do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected]      ...

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On watch 04/12

CANF - have some o/n ,looking to add more in pops for more unwind CLF - will join the trend if holds,watching along GLD sector KGC - 4.5+ to s/s NUGT - stalking for a short into mid morning or later,ideally 90+ to s/s,not an add add and fight type of trade EGLE -...

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On watch 04/08

TTPH - watching dips to long some r/g SKYS - hope will gap or squeeze out of the gate to reshort RLYP - higher the better to s/s ODP - pops to .70 to s/s GNCA - will watch pops/lower highs to .80,mostly will fade on low vol CPXX - higher the better,after that slap AH...

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On watch 04/05

SKYS - eyeing 6.75 -7 area for a short INO - pops/lower highs to 9.75 to s/s GNCA - long in dips .80 .60 if trend holds GALE - doubled in the past few days,higher the better,will short squeeze toward 2 DRWI - pretty much same plan as above,will let this one setting up...

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On watch 04/04

TROX GSAT CRMD - watching dips and r/g push for a long DRWI - pops to 6 to s/s GBSN - will short any pops to 7 looking for more downside INO - on radar for now,higher the better to s/s,watching 10 SKYS - pops to 5 to s/s TWTR - looking to build a swing long...

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On watch 03/30

ODP - watching any push toward 8 to s/s KGC - weak open r/g if trend holds might be a nice long HIMX - not in a rush to s/s this name,depends how will open,mostly reactive trades TWTR - will buy dips if trend holds and hold few days/weeks maybe some calls WDAY -...

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On watch 03/29

SYMX - gap up,squeeze toward 1.5 to s/s RJETQ - watching dips if trend holds to long some CPXX - pops/failed follow thru momo to s/s CDRB - 5+ to s/s,ideally into mid morning P.S If you think you need help,have questions regard Investors Underground or unadvertised...

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On watch 03/28

VCEL - watching any squeeze to 6.5 - 6.6 to s/s out of the gate,no interest to long this pos P - swinging short this one,up on crappy/bad news out,looking to add ,ideally in lower highs OCLR - starting to look extended,5.5 to s/s into mid morning NQ - same plan as...

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On watch 03/23

SXE - shorting any para to ward 2 OCLR - on radar,not in a rush to short it,higher the better NQ - eyeing pops to 4.5 /lower highs to s/s LL - 15 is an interest point to s/s for me LEU - great trader yesterday,looking to short pops for more downside TSLA - watching...

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