Chat Logs From The 23rd of March !

by | Mar 23, 2016

Great day in the room starting from pre market all the way into close! It started with scan last night, prepared and ready to execute the trades today.

If you missed today's mid day recap be sure to check it out! We're running this for a little while longer.

Couple charts to go along with today's trades:

06:32:22 am mdguymh: gm
06:40:20 am jjg007: GM
06:40:48 am vadim: gm all
06:41:04 am vadim: d4 killer call on VRX gap!!!
06:41:49 am vadim: almost +2
06:42:09 am yourfuture96: Can't sell from TDA!
06:44:23 am d4ytrad3: yes sir!
06:49:04 am jjg007: I got on the wrong side of VRX stopped out
06:49:50 am jjg007: Graet call d4
06:49:56 am jjg007: great
07:01:49 am d4ytrad3: this is why I get up so early
07:02:26 am quinn500: Ditto..Lol
07:04:47 am vadim: yep, take the money and run!
07:06:43 am Arsenal: sick call D4
07:07:02 am jjg007: West Coast can't trade til 5 am
07:07:21 am Savino: looking at TSLA like a hawk for short.. already have an small, overnight.. looking at the range ( bellow 233 to build ) on it on the one hour time frame... I only will get heavy on confirmation of the breakdown of the range.. when this one goes it will fast and 10 points or so..--ideally of course..GM all...
07:07:37 am Savino: Gm all
07:09:07 am Arsenal: looks ready Savino, sadly no borrows here
07:10:01 am Savino: bummer.. i have some overnight..iB has more still
07:13:31 am kiwuuu: gm guys
07:22:50 am InvestorsLive: mannnnn NUGT
07:22:56 am InvestorsLive: i almost kept the last 1k in Etrade too
07:23:07 am InvestorsLive: and then I was like I don't want to check quotes all night ha
07:26:17 am short_tsunami: HAHA real nice gap down
07:27:18 am BLR3000: BLRX - BioLineRx Announces Initiation of Phase 2 Trial for BL-8040 as Novel Stem Cell Mobilization Treatment
07:31:51 am InvestorsLive: brb
07:36:01 am d4ytrad3: Passengers being asked to evacuate Kings Cross tube #London due to 'reported emergency'.
07:36:16 am Arsenal: damn ^
07:36:55 am elielitvin: gm all
07:53:24 am Eurocayman: Gold spot dump
07:53:28 am jjg007: Spot gold fell more than one percent to its lowest in a week on Wednesday, as the dollar strengthened following hawkish comments by Federal Reserve officials about the U.S. interest rate path. Gold had risen 1.2 percent in the previous session, when investors sought "safe haven" assets after deadly bomb attacks on Brussels, before giving up its gains. Spot gold slipped 1.4 percent to the lowest since March 16 at $1,231.01 an ounce in earlier trade and was down 1.2 percent at $1,233.26 by 1130 GMT. Prices fell as investors book profits ahead of the Easter break, which starts on Friday. U.S. gold futures fell 1.2 percent to $1233.40 an ounce. Hawkish comments from U.S. Federal Reserve officials underpinned the dollar, which was up 0.2 percent against a basket of currencies.
07:53:34 am InvestorsLive: sadness
07:53:49 am Eurocayman: DUST 9% so far
07:54:07 am InvestorsLive: tiny drop on NUGT for that smack down on Gold spot
07:55:49 am c137: gm all
08:02:19 am Tradestocks: Great Basin Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Shiga Toxin Direct Test
08:02:49 am Nocturnal: GBSN^
08:05:05 am elielitvin: GBSN nice gap
08:09:26 am Eurocayman: VRX $33 bidder
08:09:40 am kfitz73: CPXX r/g
08:10:03 am InvestorsLive: nice work D4 on VRX gapper
08:10:44 am InvestorsLive: Gold lower
08:15:25 am HITrader: MNKD at top of range. Hoping for another pop next few days to ss
08:20:53 am c137: CPXX ss
08:21:40 am InvestorsLive: Gold another leg down
08:21:42 am InvestorsLive: amazing
08:21:45 am InvestorsLive: $60s test NUGT
08:22:27 am jjg007: small starter NUGT tight stop
08:22:45 am bbstock: GBSN new highs very nice
08:25:09 am d4ytrad3: SUNE < $1 imo
08:25:19 am d4ytrad3: Axiom .22 tgt will do it
08:27:08 am jjg007: Stopped out NUGT .,25
08:30:15 am PatS: whoa $4 drop in gold like that
08:33:56 am InvestorsLive: FCX some pull
08:39:56 am Skyfall: Full moon. Time to sell
08:40:12 am JM2012: ODP nice gap up
08:40:59 am InvestorsLive: going to start dips on UVXY
08:41:03 am JM2012: opht*
08:47:52 am InvestorsLive: CPXX nice action so far
08:48:04 am InvestorsLive: anyone trading it should know that they are pricing any time
08:48:14 am InvestorsLive: oh they priceed $9.50
08:48:21 am InvestorsLive: so thats out -relatively strong given the move
08:53:11 am KarlKazan: NETE former runner with some gap up this pm
08:55:24 am Speedtrader_Craig: gm all
08:56:33 am d4ytrad3: FK this internet
08:57:21 am Trader33Mck: having comcast issue today here
08:58:02 am KarlKazan: Ionis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:IONS) is up 11% premarket on increased volume in response to yesterday's jury verdict in California that Gilead Sciences' (NASDAQ:GILD) HCV meds Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) infringe on two patents invented by Merck (NYSE:MRK) and Ionis. The next phase of the trial will determine the amount of the damages.Ionis will receive 20% of the amount awarded to Merck that exceed its litigation costs and 20% of all future payments.
09:00:17 am Fozzie: CERU gappa
09:01:29 am InvestorsLive: tiny UVXY so far looking to add on dips if trend continues
09:06:59 am JackTheDog: Blizzard here, power keeps going out. You all have a great day and make some ching.
09:08:28 am elkwood66: 70 and sunnyhere
09:08:34 am elkwood66: lol
09:08:40 am short_tsunami: lucky
09:08:57 am KarlKazan: Liking this IONS trend. Will watch out of gate for any push to scale in ss.
09:09:27 am robertointernet: AYA Shares Halted as CEO Charged with Insider Trading
09:11:24 am elielitvin: MNGA MagneGas Reports 138% Increase in Revenue for the Year Ended 2015
09:12:39 am KarlKazan: IONS please wait up...
09:12:49 am InvestorsLive: UVXY good push
09:13:09 am addkbd123: yes
09:13:25 am InvestorsLive: can lock in profits along way - anything can happen next few min if a good trade for you
09:13:30 am InvestorsLive: will look to add dips at open if SPY stays heavy
09:13:41 am InvestorsLive: TSLA ideally $235-36 + test
09:14:11 am InvestorsLive: SM WLL FCX will watch w/ sector guides -> XLE XOP USO
09:16:50 am InvestorsLive: AKRX main watcher for para or back side move - BE CAREFUL of front side size - we discussed last night in depth in webinar
09:16:51 am Savino: Still Holding TSLA & FB swing.. will covered on big wash and joint trend
09:17:01 am InvestorsLive: CRC will watch pops to add
09:17:30 am InvestorsLive: JCP higher the better as well
09:17:34 am InvestorsLive: then failed follow through
09:18:19 am Emil: main X FCX for failed follow thru ,will try to wait back side
09:18:33 am Emil: also NQ LEU watchign pops/lower highs to s/s
09:22:03 am Nocturnal: GMED another Sirf Tweet
09:22:26 am InvestorsLive: AFFX some action on the PR
09:23:03 am InvestorsLive: GBSN higher the better I'll be waiting for a parabolic
09:23:39 am InvestorsLive: VRX back side fail or parabolic
09:23:43 am InvestorsLive: UVXY add if trend holds
09:23:46 am InvestorsLive: GBSN if parabolic
09:23:55 am InvestorsLive: AKRX failed follow or or para TAKE PROFITS don't marry
09:24:00 am InvestorsLive: JCP failed follow through
09:24:25 am InvestorsLive: TSLA even if its down $2 or $5 .. if trend stays down I don't mind shorting it, long way to go but trade needs to make sense
09:24:55 am InvestorsLive: Kerrisdale SAGE
09:27:11 am JimTilton: But why premarket? 15K shares 15%
09:27:23 am InvestorsLive: First tweets are out on Kerrisdale
09:29:52 am CarpeGallus: 1030 oil inventories
09:30:56 am InvestorsLive: added UVXY
09:31:00 am InvestorsLive: AKRX fast slam
09:31:30 am InvestorsLive: SM watching pops - big slam
09:31:36 am ThePacer: CERU wash
09:31:41 am bbstock: GBSN all out near .25 from .173
09:32:06 am InvestorsLive: ss some VRX
09:32:13 am KarlKazan: SUNE perking
09:32:19 am Muddy: SUNE red hod
09:32:27 am JTB: PTX some push
09:32:50 am InvestorsLive: NUGT more unwind
09:32:50 am sirmehrdad: AKRX near green
09:33:01 am Emil: s/s some X
09:33:27 am Yelk: LEU red
09:33:45 am InvestorsLive: started in some JCP offers
09:33:48 am InvestorsLive: GBSN nHODs
09:34:03 am Savino: Covered 1/2 TSLA +4.50 /... will add into pop to joint trend as nate plan as well..
09:34:09 am shawwnp: PTX nHOD
09:34:16 am InvestorsLive: SM no rebounds
09:34:43 am InvestorsLive: started AKRX .97 ss feeler - couple hundo shares
09:35:47 am Nocturnal: CERU NLOD
09:35:57 am InvestorsLive: nice TSLA
09:36:10 am InvestorsLive: took profits on UVXY for now
09:36:11 am Bulrathi: MNKD hod
09:36:14 am sirmehrdad: AKRX green
09:36:31 am KarlKazan: IONS sub 45
09:36:34 am InvestorsLive: started TSLA feeler ss
09:36:47 am Emil: out X not goingt o figth with
09:36:55 am InvestorsLive: like this IONS watching pops to get short build off $46 guide for risk
09:37:12 am InvestorsLive: ss some IONS
09:37:37 am Muddy: ADXS near red
09:37:50 am Fozzie: ATHX pushin
09:38:28 am free.flow: MNK light vol push to yesterdays HOD
09:39:00 am Muddy: WATT bounce
09:39:05 am Muddy: SXE r/g
09:39:12 am d4ytrad3: buys GBSN
09:39:22 am InvestorsLive: NUGT continues LODs
09:39:24 am Muddy: SXE going
09:39:44 am Emil: long some TSLA
09:40:23 am InvestorsLive: TSLA nice guys
09:40:25 am d4ytrad3: buys SAGE
09:40:30 am d4ytrad3: kerrisdale sucks on bios
09:40:45 am ryanr: WYNN washout
09:41:01 am InvestorsLive: added more VRX
09:41:09 am InvestorsLive: AKRX - BE CAREFUL on front side if anytihng more than feeler
09:41:17 am Muddy: LABU r/g
09:41:43 am free.flow: MNK short term topped yesterdays HoD
09:41:54 am Emil: out TSLA
09:43:13 am mike1: nugt 55s
09:43:20 am Muddy: ADXS red
09:43:39 am d4ytrad3: adds GBSN dips
09:43:50 am KarlKazan: IONS killing it sub 44
09:44:47 am Muddy: VRX lod
09:44:53 am free.flow: ss MNK
09:44:55 am InvestorsLive: Covered TSLA +1.74
09:45:02 am free.flow: off of VRX action
09:45:02 am ThePacer: long some TSLA
09:45:22 am ThePacer: scalp until trend ^
09:45:31 am Muddy: LEU lost 3
09:45:44 am InvestorsLive: sold some UVXY
09:45:47 am ThePacer: out some TSLA +1.3
09:46:07 am Muddy: LL good fade
09:46:12 am SatoshiTrader: SRPT red
09:46:12 am InvestorsLive: VRX will cover dips - tried to cover and popped away from me
09:46:27 am InvestorsLive: AKRX ideally $26s over/under peaks for anything beyond feeler
09:47:01 am Muddy: LL red
09:47:03 am KarlKazan: covered all IONS, will let this play out and look for another entry. Great way to start the day.
09:47:09 am Savino: SS FB
09:47:19 am TheDarkKnightReturns: SRPT big snap
09:47:29 am InvestorsLive: covered JCP flattish
09:47:46 am tbohen: I like JCP, just watiing till later.
09:47:54 am tbohen: < $11.20
09:48:37 am Bulrathi: Shkrelli tweet SAGE
09:48:39 am Bulrathi: bear
09:48:55 am free.flow: SPY o/u 204 lowere high to dig into UVXY long
09:49:13 am blummer: SRPT tank, testing 20
09:49:16 am tbohen: VTAE nice from yesterday, of course I covered.
09:49:18 am InvestorsLive: started ss on SM
09:49:44 am InvestorsLive: scaling more AKRX
09:49:46 am Muddy: LABD trend reverse
09:49:46 am InvestorsLive: using HODs guide
09:50:21 am InvestorsLive: UVXY beautiful
09:50:31 am Ron: MACK lods
09:50:33 am InvestorsLive: CRC LODs
09:50:52 am BLR3000: QTWW open
09:50:57 am ThePacer: TSLA holding against mkt pressure so far r/g might have power with mkt bounce, will be done on long if no hold
09:51:00 am InvestorsLive: AKRX still can rally back FYI -- nothing to chase
09:51:09 am InvestorsLive: entry matters -- back side move I'd use $25.50s over/under
09:51:09 am Savino: FB red
09:51:18 am InvestorsLive: IONS I'd use $43.50s over/under can lock some gains in
09:51:22 am InvestorsLive: just play safe
09:51:23 am HITrader: AYA open
09:51:27 am Nonstopshop: VRX heavy
09:51:31 am InvestorsLive: cov 1/3 VRX
09:51:33 am DanTrader: W heavy
09:52:29 am ThePacer: done TSLA
09:52:30 am d4ytrad3: buys NUGT
09:52:41 am InvestorsLive: NHTC slam
09:53:15 am InvestorsLive: cov more VRX 1/3 left will be patient and see if it's right but playing safe for now
09:53:18 am Spitzka: X nhod
09:53:40 am d4ytrad3: looking at VRX entry if 33 retake
09:54:29 am Muddy: SXE hod
09:54:41 am Muddy: SXE 10% r/g
09:54:52 am InvestorsLive: ENDP heavy so far
09:55:08 am InvestorsLive: started ENDP ss feeler
09:55:27 am Muddy: SXE 18%
09:55:32 am Emil: eyeing X for re short ,no position yet
09:55:33 am InvestorsLive: if doesn't go red and hold there and if VRX rips - will nto stay long on ENDP
09:56:28 am InvestorsLive: I'm not looking for break out buys today -- FYI
09:56:35 am d4ytrad3: adds NUGT size
09:56:38 am InvestorsLive: unless market starts to shape up looking for failed follow thru
09:56:58 am DanTrader: CM looks like a good short
09:57:05 am Muddy: SXE monster move
09:58:22 am jjg007: adding more NUGT
09:58:23 am Muddy: LL more red
09:58:44 am InvestorsLive: Anyone trading Gold/ETFs long etc and trying to find bottoms before they bonce whatever you do have a stop
09:58:50 am jjg007: s/s NFLX 99.60
09:58:52 am InvestorsLive: and stick to it great way to get hammered
09:59:02 am InvestorsLive: I'd rather buy NUGT $2 higher than be $5 early
09:59:11 am BLR3000: s/s HES feeler
09:59:19 am jjg007: Thanks Nate. Tight stop for sure
09:59:31 am InvestorsLive: starting MNK ss
10:00:21 am InvestorsLive: added SM
10:00:24 am BenGray: SM new lows
10:00:32 am InvestorsLive: added AKRX
10:00:44 am Muddy: GALE CPXX still hod from pre list
10:00:53 am BLR3000: added more HES
10:00:55 am tbohen: $11.19 JCP stalking.
10:00:55 am BLR3000: has that unwinder look
10:01:02 am free.flow: SRPT more lows
10:01:20 am free.flow: SPY saying heavy
10:01:26 am Savino: covered 2/3 FB =.50ish
10:01:45 am Savino: will keep the rest for any big pull...FB ..
10:02:22 am InvestorsLive: started WLL as well
10:02:47 am InvestorsLive: NHTC red
10:03:23 am Twiddley: CPXX very nice
10:03:28 am InvestorsLive: ENDP LODs
10:03:41 am Arsenal: JCP snap
10:03:56 am Savino: COvered more TSLA +2.50ish from from the Add still have the core Swing..left ...
10:04:06 am Muddy: ADXS more fade
10:04:20 am free.flow: SAGE heavy thru 29
10:04:36 am InvestorsLive: IONS LODs
10:05:00 am free.flow: MNK.. this is a wash of yesterday's afternoon support
10:05:24 am InvestorsLive: paid myself across board MNK ENDP SM will re add if they stay heavy just paying myself along way
10:05:52 am Savino: TSLA heavy by the minute
10:05:58 am InvestorsLive: CRC LODs
10:06:28 am free.flow: UVXY 23 on deck with spy action
10:08:37 am InvestorsLive: IONS sub 43
10:08:40 am Muddy: LABD 5% on trend reverse
10:09:14 am TheDarkKnightReturns: HZNP snap 16 newLOD
10:10:05 am blummer: more slammage SRPT, sub 19
10:10:12 am BLR3000: cover 1/2 HES
10:10:27 am InvestorsLive: scaled down to 1/3 ENDP MNK SM
10:10:38 am InvestorsLive: VRX done wiht
10:10:51 am InvestorsLive: took more profits uVXY
10:10:52 am InvestorsLive: small left
10:11:20 am BLR3000: cover rest HES
10:11:32 am sirmehrdad: long INO 7.72
10:11:43 am InvestorsLive: AKRX flush sub $25
10:11:55 am InvestorsLive: covered 1/3 AKRX
10:12:46 am InvestorsLive: done ENDP MNK for now
10:13:02 am InvestorsLive: 1/3 AKRX left
10:13:03 am tbohen: Pfft, JCP I swear people know exactly the worst times to call me. hope someone took that one.
10:14:08 am Muddy: ADXS this is good, near 9CERU 3 fight
10:14:10 am InvestorsLive: done SM WLL
10:14:23 am d4ytrad3: gold/nugt slightly better, 5min resist coming up though on next pop
10:14:55 am InvestorsLive: going to ss pops JCP for $11 crack ideally
10:14:55 am d4ytrad3: added GBSN, perilous, but goin for it
10:15:10 am BLR3000: WTW light vol; curling
10:15:59 am HITrader: NHTC fake bid pulled
10:16:58 am InvestorsLive: scaling JCP bit more
10:17:06 am free.flow: MNK more lows
10:18:21 am InvestorsLive: i have 3/5 IONS left
10:19:27 am InvestorsLive: re scalin some SM pops stuff is staying heavy
10:20:32 am InvestorsLive: all done AKRX
10:20:35 am CarpeGallus: inventories ten min's oil names
10:20:55 am d4ytrad3: VRX buy suig
10:20:57 am elielitvin: GALE trending
10:21:49 am HITrader: low vol works both ways.. NHTC
10:22:21 am djmako: SUNE perk
10:23:28 am InvestorsLive: leaving JCP alone
10:24:08 am sirmehrdad: SS OAS 7.65 this can unwind nicely if it takes out 7.50
10:24:26 am free.flow: chased SAGE ss using 28 o/u for risk
10:25:23 am InvestorsLive: VRX gearing
10:25:28 am BLR3000: KBIOQ pop
10:26:04 am InvestorsLive: NHTC more flush !
10:26:09 am Yelk: CANF 3
10:26:11 am InvestorsLive: Now $4 on red after first slam from $37 - veryn ice
10:27:34 am InvestorsLive: 1/3 IONS left I may re add if 43 gets heavy
10:29:34 am InvestorsLive: SUNE possible r/g trade setting up
10:29:54 am InvestorsLive: took af ew long
10:29:56 am jjg007: Small starter VRX
10:30:12 am InvestorsLive: 1030AM #s
10:30:21 am InvestorsLive: USO - XLE XOP etc
10:30:24 am marcissa: OIL pull
10:31:17 am InvestorsLive: Thank you CarpeGallus !! I usually try to remember to post but very nice job -- thanks for always putting that in chat as a reminder
10:31:22 am InvestorsLive: re: 09:29:52 am CarpeGallus: 1030 oil inventories10:20:35 am CarpeGallus: inventories ten min's oil names
10:31:43 am d4ytrad3: and oil reverses back to green
10:31:49 am d4ytrad3: big squeeze
10:32:03 am d4ytrad3: should lift gold too if holds
10:32:24 am CarpeGallus: Dude changes the whole tone of the mkt. gotta be careful out there
10:32:34 am free.flow: long UVXY
10:33:29 am free.flow: MNK ... o/u 60 staying heavy
10:33:50 am InvestorsLive: IONS
10:34:48 am InvestorsLive: wouldn't be surprised to see red later on if keeps failing
10:34:49 am SatoshiTrader: SRPT lod test
10:35:31 am Twiddley: CYS looking heavy. if $7.96 testing/defending
10:35:52 am free.flow: sold hald UVXY into 50.. just not launching as fast as i would have though
10:35:59 am free.flow: half
10:36:00 am InvestorsLive: TSLA still heavy
10:36:30 am InvestorsLive: scaling back some UVXY if market stays heavy
10:36:42 am Muddy: LABD more
10:36:57 am Onebrownguy: JCP coming back down. Looking for that $11 crack.
10:37:20 am d4ytrad3: #Gold push, here goes, gets thru 1220 should get something on NUGT
10:37:31 am InvestorsLive: all done IONS for now going to let it do its thing
10:37:37 am InvestorsLive: will re visit for possible g/r later
10:37:54 am elkwood66: MNKD red test
10:38:26 am InvestorsLive: here to help via PM going to sit on hands for a bit - crazy morning well done - PM if any troubles only fail was JCP for a few cents - here to help
10:39:08 am B1rko: X nLod
10:39:38 am free.flow: SAGE confirming 28 o/u roll over .... support sucking it in
10:39:43 am InvestorsLive: GBSN long way back to .10
10:39:54 am InvestorsLive: SM LODs
10:39:57 am BLR3000: Norovirus confirmed in Michigan Applebee’s illness; 30 others with symptoms
10:39:59 am BLR3000: DIN
10:40:45 am InvestorsLive: XOP XLE staying heavy
10:41:19 am InvestorsLive: if $23 + UVXY will add more to winner then just keep a trail on it
10:41:39 am d4ytrad3: gold 1220+
10:41:52 am d4ytrad3: GDX may give 5min buy sig here
10:41:54 am d4ytrad3: could be goo dmove NUGT
10:42:38 am Muddy: lower vol oldie CHNR action
10:42:54 am Muddy: CERU lod
10:43:13 am InvestorsLive: re short small TSLA
10:43:43 am a01stockbros: VA pop
10:43:45 am InvestorsLive: SAGE starting some more pulls unwind
10:43:51 am barktrader: VA halt
10:44:15 am a01stockbros: airlines all popping
10:44:34 am InvestorsLive: re added some IONS chase
10:44:37 am djmako: JBLU pop
10:44:47 am InvestorsLive: hopefully some pops what a nice short $44.50s - if it goes red can sink sub $40s
10:45:08 am d4ytrad3: VRX pop
10:45:13 am d4ytrad3: trimmed small nugt
10:46:46 am Muddy: AYA back down on 11
10:46:59 am Twiddley: AG VWAP test down a lot on the day, could reclaim some if breaks
10:47:25 am InvestorsLive: TSLA LODs
10:48:06 am Twiddley: CPXX NHOD
10:48:24 am InvestorsLive: cov TSLA +1 and IONS no idea why I'm still trading -- took SUNE -.01 going to tak ea break
10:49:00 am DDAM: VA open
10:49:25 am free.flow: done with UVXY
10:49:25 am InvestorsLive: IONS near red
10:49:28 am d4ytrad3: VRX baaaang
10:49:35 am free.flow: SAGE.. half cover on the 27 wash ..
10:51:00 am jjg007: Out VRX .60's
10:51:15 am Muddy: CERU more fade 2.75
10:52:38 am InvestorsLive: AKRX LODs
10:53:01 am SatoshiTrader: SRPT lod
10:53:07 am bbstock: GBSN back in .23
10:54:14 am Savino: Toook the last of the swing on TSLA +.6.50
10:54:29 am Muddy: GBIM action
10:55:20 am d4ytrad3: ss VA
10:57:19 am ryanr: NKE abcd
10:57:25 am Muddy: watching CPXX react at 12
11:01:18 am d4ytrad3: SUNE drift again
11:02:24 am imadh2015: SS some ANF
11:05:01 am d4ytrad3: VRX beauty, ringing $34s soon
11:06:45 am d4ytrad3: SAGE bounce off open lows
11:07:11 am d4ytrad3: SQ+ FB getting mentions
11:07:33 am JimTilton: Virgin America declines comment to CNBC on report that says it is considering a sale.• $VA\
11:08:35 am InvestorsLive: VRX ideal word = $35 parabolic and then reactive trade into para
11:08:40 am InvestorsLive: world *
11:08:57 am Muddy: WATT green
11:09:53 am d4ytrad3: GBSN off .23 supp
11:10:17 am InvestorsLive: Just a reminder guys like we talked about last night
11:10:24 am InvestorsLive: Market consolidating -- don't get TOO BEARISH
11:10:29 am InvestorsLive: things can easily bounce
11:10:34 am bbstock: GBSN bouncing nicely
11:10:52 am Muddy: LL lod
11:11:25 am free.flow: SAGE ... back in to 28s
11:11:48 am BLR3000: ss VA
11:11:49 am BLR3000: risk hod
11:12:48 am Giorbinky: Long AKRX risk lod
11:12:53 am d4ytrad3: GWPH -neg report said to be due this weekend
11:13:36 am d4ytrad3: out 1/2 VRX
11:13:52 am bbstock: GBSN scalped it +.013
11:13:54 am d4ytrad3: going a bit para here, but if sustains will look to ride it
11:14:11 am BLR3000: ZYNE pot sympathy to GWPH
11:16:01 am free.flow: reshort some SAGE
11:16:20 am InvestorsLive: SM sub 18
11:17:07 am InvestorsLive: thinking red wash and sub $40s IONS put small back on
11:17:09 am JimTilton: Hearing Syntec Ventures saying $GWPH report coming out this weekend stating company has 50% downside
11:17:27 am InvestorsLive: Going to head out around 1145 for lunch/walk then back - all trades if I make any will be w/ that in mind
11:17:32 am JimTilton: Follow up to D4 post
11:18:43 am d4ytrad3: good stuff Jim
11:18:49 am Muddy: LL on 13 IONS red
11:18:58 am Arsenal: ENDP nLOD
11:20:05 am Arsenal: SPY heavy
11:20:06 am InvestorsLive: UVXY
11:22:35 am InvestorsLive: ENDP unwinder setting up nicely if all pops hold
11:22:37 am sirmehrdad: OAS nLOD
11:22:37 am d4ytrad3: VA nhods
11:22:40 am BLR3000: ditched VA
11:22:50 am InvestorsLive: WLL steady LODs
11:22:53 am Deezy: ENDP NLOD
11:24:14 am d4ytrad3: HNGR may be starting swing ss sig
11:25:56 am d4ytrad3: NUGT 56s
11:26:45 am d4ytrad3: VA break & fail
11:29:47 am InvestorsLive: CRC pull
11:29:52 am Muddy: CHNR bounce test
11:31:45 am Muddy: hod^
11:31:47 am InvestorsLive: UVXY yes sir
11:32:45 am d4ytrad3: ss CPXX
11:36:32 am elkwood66: covered W swing , Thx Dan on that alert
11:36:45 am B1rko: YUM spike
11:37:43 am Alpine: CYH abcd
11:37:44 am jjg007: NUGT ^
11:37:51 am InvestorsLive: flat everything except 401k UVXY
11:38:52 am d4ytrad3: NUGT taking small ss 56.80s
11:40:11 am tom86: X abcd
11:40:36 am d4ytrad3: SAGE push again
11:40:54 am d4ytrad3: cov NUGT +.5
11:42:14 am d4ytrad3: YUM v nice action
11:43:02 am d4ytrad3: VA will look to add ss on 34.50 break again
11:46:29 am HITrader: SCTY on radar
11:47:02 am KarlKazan: AKRX nlods
11:47:26 am d4ytrad3: NUGT hitting 50ema resist here
11:47:29 am JTB: BLDR ^
11:48:26 am shawwnp: TVIX NHOD
11:48:48 am xssara1: AKRX testing lows
11:51:04 am d4ytrad3: SAGE will look to add on strength & breakouts only - kerrisdale is really not the one to follow on bios, but dont want to fight $$flow - I leave that to the whales
11:51:40 am d4ytrad3: CPXX looking at first 5min crack intraday if it can take out $12, not expecting fireworks, just maybe a decent .30-.50 pull
11:52:14 am d4ytrad3: GDX / NUGT going para / accelerating here
11:52:23 am d4ytrad3: still modest move on gold, but miners well ahead of the tape
11:52:29 am d4ytrad3: GBSN b/o
11:53:07 am d4ytrad3: adds SAGE long
11:53:09 am OddStockTrader: ss NFLX
11:54:25 am d4ytrad3: Cowen defense SAGE
11:55:22 am d4ytrad3: adds more sAGE
11:56:11 am curtisw184: C bouncing
11:56:45 am jjg007: Sold NUGT +1.40
11:57:36 am InvestorsLive: TSLA slam
11:58:46 am jjg007: Bot VRX
11:59:13 am d4ytrad3: absolutely insane NUGT
11:59:18 am d4ytrad3: "if i just held"
11:59:24 am d4ytrad3: so sized in 54
12:00:10 pm d4ytrad3: This is why trading rocks. Its always going to present you with the opportunity to improve
12:00:45 pm d4ytrad3: ss NUGT
12:01:42 pm d4ytrad3: cov 1/2 NUGT +.60
12:02:26 pm d4ytrad3: SAGE $29.25 50ema / firecracker spot - gets above there, going to have a nice chase w/ 30ish last spot for liquidity for any covers
12:03:34 pm higherhighs: WTW pushing
12:03:35 pm elkwood66: AKRX 24 test
12:04:26 pm Muddy: PTX again
12:05:46 pm d4ytrad3: done NUGT, looking for next short on pop
12:05:48 pm Muddy: SBGL failed bounce attempt at green
12:07:51 pm KarlKazan: AKRX perking off lods here
12:08:36 pm d4ytrad3: GBSN this .29/30 is gonna be the key to unlock big multiday move
12:08:42 pm d4ytrad3: lotta previous R around this area
12:09:57 pm free.flow: VRX a touch heavy
12:10:06 pm free.flow: into upper range support
12:11:29 pm d4ytrad3: SAGE getting close to area of interest, 29.30 50ema~
12:14:34 pm elkwood66: LEU swing 1/4 left
12:15:14 pm d4ytrad3: long small NUGT, tight stop
12:18:08 pm KarlKazan: AFFX perking off lods, testing 15
12:21:32 pm Skyfall: Great entry on CPXX D4, thx for that
12:22:10 pm seattlehiker: $NUGT taking profits another round.Watching 59 b/o,then 60s again.
12:22:39 pm Muddy: ADXS more red
12:26:28 pm d4ytrad3: covered about 1/2 CPXX down to here
12:30:59 pm free.flow: NUGt unwind potential
12:31:07 pm free.flow: NUGT **
12:31:26 pm d4ytrad3: stop NUGT
12:31:34 pm d4ytrad3: shorted
12:33:04 pm OddStockTrader: took NFLX loss
12:33:18 pm Muddy: CHNR bounce to test again
12:33:24 pm d4ytrad3: all done CPXX, took small long
12:34:03 pm Muddy: LABD bounce test too
12:39:02 pm Muddy: BPT trying 15 cross
12:41:44 pm d4ytrad3: took off half SAGE, stalled ahead of 30, nice winner off lows
12:43:12 pm seattlehiker: $NUGT possible re-add long on dip,then strong close and ramp tomorrow.See ya...
12:43:42 pm sammyt: ENDP VWAP test
12:43:58 pm sammyt: may want green
12:43:59 pm jjg007: VRX perking
12:44:44 pm d4ytrad3: add NUGT ss on perk
12:46:45 pm OddStockTrader: CBDS low vol so far, but big chart spot here
12:50:32 pm Muddy: BLUE no bottom yet
12:50:56 pm Muddy: CARA losing 6 so far
12:53:08 pm OddStockTrader: been adding CBDS long
12:53:19 pm OddStockTrader: adding more on 2.45 break
12:54:20 pm d4ytrad3: INSY lows
12:56:05 pm d4ytrad3: WLL slam
12:58:19 pm d4ytrad3: NUGT watch for upside push, gold lifting again
12:59:51 pm free.flow: started some DVN ss to worl a fade sb 26
01:00:11 pm jjg007: covered NFLX +.05
01:00:43 pm d4ytrad3: CPXX given hold has some potential for eod push, a close watch
01:07:07 pm JimTilton: GWPH nLOD
01:08:06 pm d4ytrad3: VRX below 33.50 bias turns negative for me
01:09:08 pm d4ytrad3: SAGE all done longside & small short init here
01:09:51 pm elkwood66: GWPH
01:09:55 pm elkwood66: lod test
01:09:58 pm OddStockTrader: gwph
01:10:46 pm nic3trade: ENDP fail at VWAP
01:11:15 pm jjg007: smalls starter s/s YUM
01:12:40 pm d4ytrad3: CPXX this breaks, 12.80-13.50 by eod not out of question
01:14:36 pm d4ytrad3: AMDA Amedica First to 3D Print Silicon Nitride for Medical Applications(Dow Jones 03/23 13:15:51)
01:15:23 pm OddStockTrader: took some AMDA long
01:16:40 pm Nikkorico: that AMDA news was out premarket ~15 mins before open.
01:16:53 pm d4ytrad3: NUAN slapped on tech blog
01:17:18 pm trader530: STON-negative -- hit piece/short report out in a tweet -calls it a "feat of financial engineering" layering a rollup on top of a MLP structure with massive problems
01:19:57 pm trader530: maxim pumping INO now in a note
01:20:38 pm elkwood66: is it the clown
01:20:59 pm elkwood66: Colbert T530?
01:21:09 pm trader530: duel clowns , Kolbert and McCarthy
01:21:44 pm short_tsunami: SRPT new LOD
01:23:11 pm robertointernet: TRXC lod close to 4 test
01:25:45 pm d4ytrad3: gold pushing above prior range high, NUGT no trades on right now, still in tight band, avoiding range chop here
01:26:34 pm InvestorsLive: back
01:26:35 pm free.flow: DVN.. sub 26 good start.. LoD mag potential (energy name)
01:26:47 pm jjg007: Out YUM
01:29:32 pm higherhighs: JCP 11 test
01:29:33 pm d4ytrad3: CPXX bullish action here again, good follow up buying
01:30:04 pm Joeway: VRX vwap test
01:30:27 pm d4ytrad3: adds few VA ss
01:31:05 pm Muddy: LABD more
01:31:29 pm free.flow: covered 2/5 DVN to take size off and let it work
01:32:16 pm InvestorsLive: FX SM WLL OAS all more potential unwind if XOP XLE stay heavy
01:32:31 pm Fozzie: PF nice push here
01:32:51 pm OddStockTrader: STON nlod
01:36:16 pm jjg007: Out VRX for a loss
01:37:36 pm d4ytrad3: VRX ss
01:37:43 pm InvestorsLive: IONS nearing possible unwind
01:37:46 pm InvestorsLive: added some UVXY
01:37:59 pm InvestorsLive: IONS put a few back on
01:38:06 pm shawwnp: TVIX ABC
01:38:29 pm InvestorsLive: if market stays heavy and takes any legs down -- the closer we get to 3pm + into close the more wild ramps we'll have
01:38:39 pm InvestorsLive: FCX sub $10
01:38:50 pm d4ytrad3: PF midday rally
01:39:15 pm InvestorsLive: obviously UVXY playing w/ houses $ trading around core from pre market
01:39:47 pm Muddy: BPT again
01:40:37 pm Muddy: BLUE still no bottom
01:41:22 pm InvestorsLive: Nice IONS !
01:42:39 pm InvestorsLive: given chase etc - nothing wrong w/ locking in along way on the $1 wash
01:43:36 pm Skyfall: ss CPXX 12.05
01:46:04 pm InvestorsLive: back to core UVXY
01:46:29 pm d4ytrad3: SUNE sellers, if it loses 1.30 could be nice slide into eod
01:47:57 pm heniuro: NUAN VWAP fail
01:51:03 pm Muddy: ADXS LL more red
01:51:13 pm BLR3000: POM pop
01:52:00 pm Muddy: ONTX more inch
01:52:54 pm d4ytrad3: SAGE crack , $28 test next
01:53:55 pm BLR3000: weird EXC dumping
01:54:39 pm InvestorsLive: AXRX nice curl
01:57:51 pm d4ytrad3: POM nuts
01:58:00 pm d4ytrad3: what a ride for the m&a guys
01:59:39 pm BLR3000: Pepco shares surge 30% after resuming trading; report says DC PSC has approved Exelon deal • $POM $EXC
02:00:35 pm d4ytrad3: GBSN added few more, plan to add again on any break of .28 into eod for gapper
02:02:52 pm elkwood66: STON again , great trader , really lookin for 1 last wash toward ssr
02:04:09 pm Twiddley: JCP big seller at 11.02 could snap 11
02:05:36 pm InvestorsLive: Guys please post entry/exits and follow rules vs. general comments that don't provide much value
02:07:49 pm InvestorsLive: 'LEU insider buy
02:07:56 pm ShawnGill55: LABU lower highs
02:10:38 pm d4ytrad3: LEU spikes on BIG insider purchase of 375 @ $3.15
02:11:07 pm PatS: VRX pop
02:11:40 pm d4ytrad3: LEU thats pretty substantial
02:11:47 pm robertointernet: 375K
02:11:48 pm d4ytrad3: i took some and plan to take it over
02:11:53 pm d4ytrad3: that huge for a smallcap
02:12:37 pm robertointernet: BLP hod
02:12:42 pm robertointernet: BPT sorry
02:14:08 pm InvestorsLive: LEU nasty- straight up
02:14:21 pm d4ytrad3: he paid 3.15, so 3.25 should be good floor
02:14:59 pm trader530: Rule #1 as a MLP roll up, never defend your company or stock price, bush league defense by STON mgmt
02:19:40 pm free.flow: closed out DVN ss .. boring in this range and enrgy with some ramp
02:19:50 pm kiwuuu: NETE dump
02:21:16 pm Gxrgreg: GBSN Nice
02:21:29 pm Skyfall: likewise, took CPXX off
02:22:54 pm d4ytrad3: CPXX 100k up on ask, ready to rip once that goes
02:23:54 pm d4ytrad3: adds GBSN gapper
02:24:07 pm d4ytrad3: this closes .30+ could gap to .40 alone
02:25:49 pm nic3trade: SRPT perk
02:26:22 pm Skyfall: USO lod
02:26:26 pm heniuro: Denver International Airport Is Closed Until Further Notice
02:26:32 pm d4ytrad3: oil 40 break into close
02:27:00 pm InvestorsLive: going to scale bit more UVXY
02:27:33 pm trader530: SRPT dg now at JMP---Former FDA division head weighs in on eteplirsen; downgrading our rating of Sarepta Therapeutics to Market Underperform from Market Perform and establishing a $10 price target based on a risk-adjusted, DCF-derived analysis
02:28:45 pm InvestorsLive: LODs IONS
02:28:58 pm d4ytrad3: energy cos leg down on tap with this big oil brk
02:29:45 pm heniuro: This Denver thing is weather
02:34:29 pm B1rko: MDVN spike
02:38:28 pm InvestorsLive: WLL OAS still heavy
02:40:34 pm tbohen: Trying to short pops of JCP but not chasing, held this level all day
02:40:49 pm tbohen: Probably better to wait for < $10.90
02:41:03 pm d4ytrad3: VRX nice drift
02:46:14 pm d4ytrad3: CPXX big mkt buy, held trend again, still that 100k capping it
02:46:36 pm sirmehrdad: SS SM 20.23
02:49:31 pm free.flow: DVN nLoD .. oh well
02:49:54 pm InvestorsLive: UVXY nHODs
02:49:58 pm InvestorsLive: $40s test IONS !
02:50:00 pm InvestorsLive: TSLA LODs
02:50:17 pm InvestorsLive: we're nearing 3pm + here so these jolts on UVXY can get nutty if trend holds be sure to lock in along way
02:52:27 pm shawwnp: TVIX nHOD
02:52:40 pm InvestorsLive: TSLA see yas
02:53:00 pm InvestorsLive: IONS sub $40
02:53:39 pm Savino: there is our 10 points + on TSLA nic job
02:53:55 pm short_tsunami: who is trading CPXX?
02:53:57 pm tbohen: NVM JCP if it was gonna crack it would have done it by now. SPY in LOD's and its sitting at 11 I'll pass for today.
02:54:29 pm InvestorsLive: sold some UVXY adds
02:58:10 pm InvestorsLive: ENDP fresh lows
02:59:03 pm cdr2006: GBSN perk
03:00:07 pm d4ytrad3: gold miners snap again
03:00:10 pm DDAM: Gold hitting 1225 area of interest
03:00:39 pm InvestorsLive: sold more UVXY
03:02:13 pm InvestorsLive: LEU def a gapper the PR yesterday many many smart $$ got short since it was BS -- but that insider buy was pretty big
03:02:17 pm InvestorsLive: might have some nice rally/squeeze into close
03:02:21 pm d4ytrad3: CPXX breakout
03:02:50 pm shawwnp: JCP 11 crack
03:02:57 pm Matt_Taff: LEU ramping again
03:03:40 pm Guybrush: ZYNE big fall
03:05:04 pm InvestorsLive: UVXY nice way to finish today
03:05:06 pm Fozzie: PF pickin up speed now
03:06:44 pm sirmehrdad: stopped outta SM 10 cent loss way too strong compared to peers no sense in getting ran over
03:09:24 pm OddStockTrader: long GBSN .26 risk
03:09:57 pm InvestorsLive: LEU nHODs
03:12:11 pm Deadcompany: lil bit of that 1.30 crack on SUNE
03:15:16 pm TraderG07: NUGT nice pull so far late day
03:16:16 pm InvestorsLive: Going to hold 1/3 UVXY over and small LEU
03:16:19 pm d4ytrad3: adds VA ss gapper
03:16:24 pm InvestorsLive: so far - still relatively early
03:17:21 pm shawwnp: JCP wont budge all out
03:19:45 pm InvestorsLive: wLL snap
03:20:29 pm bkam77: GBSN nice looking ABCD
03:21:14 pm Oilgusher: NUGT back to lod test
03:21:17 pm InvestorsLive: ideally LEU has a pull before close 3:30PM + and I'll look then for a scoop - feels a bit top heavy at the momentum need to shake some hands out
03:21:31 pm ThePacer: my plan too ^
03:23:03 pm InvestorsLive: OAS WLL fresh lows, TSLA air coming out
03:24:08 pm Gxrgreg: GBSN painting the picture
03:25:56 pm jjg007: NUGT sheeww
03:30:27 pm d4ytrad3: SUNE so close to cracking & setting up ah drifter
03:30:44 pm sirmehrdad: GBSN looks like its shaking out the weak hands
03:33:32 pm bbstock: LEU long 3.31 for overnight
03:33:47 pm InvestorsLive: done all day trades UVXY just have early core
03:34:23 pm Gxrgreg: SGY no bottom yet gravitating towards 1
03:36:04 pm heniuro: AKRX pop
03:37:19 pm dagshua: Going big on LEU overnight for gapper
03:41:00 pm InvestorsLive: famous last words
03:41:21 pm elkwood66: lmao , careful fella ,
03:41:46 pm AllRedHand: is dagshua yiddish for bagholder?
03:42:14 pm InvestorsLive: arrite guys back to alerts
03:44:15 pm a01stockbros: VRX getting pushed hard into the close here
03:44:30 pm heniuro: NUGT lod
03:46:22 pm DDAM: NUGT 52.50 huge areas
03:46:39 pm OddStockTrader: took CBDS loss
03:49:25 pm xssara1: WLL nice
03:49:34 pm a01stockbros: CPXX yank
03:50:21 pm cdr2006: GBSN panic
03:50:43 pm jjg007: Bot NUGT
03:51:30 pm jjg007: .95's
03:51:34 pm Yelk: CERU lods test
03:51:49 pm a01stockbros: MOC 250M to sell
03:52:22 pm d4ytrad3: TSLA bash cnbc
03:52:58 pm short_tsunami: GDXJ washout
03:58:41 pm InvestorsLive: CRC stayin heavy
03:59:04 pm DDAM: NUGT ewwww
03:59:16 pm d4ytrad3: watch for GDX flash
03:59:18 pm d4ytrad3: crash
03:59:43 pm InvestorsLive: NUGT more flush
03:59:59 pm PatS: oh my
04:00:04 pm Savino: Nate what a nice hawking job on TSLA.. i took 6.50 out it... gave up at 228 and kept going lol
04:00:18 pm Savino: and it kept going omg
04:00:22 pm d4ytrad3: buys NUGT @ close
04:01:43 pm Trader33Mck: VTAE?
04:01:46 pm Yelk: VTAE offeering
04:04:02 pm InvestorsLive: Awesome job today guys
04:04:25 pm jjg007: Thanks Nate!
04:04:37 pm xssara1: WLL amazing....
04:04:46 pm xssara1: missed, but nailed other stocks
04:05:08 pm Savino: yeh good job
04:05:11 pm tom86: took some NKE o/n, many positive comments, hopefully SPY isnt too weak tomorrow
04:06:02 pm Savino: Market close fiday and open all day , tommrrow last time i checked..
04:06:06 pm Savino: friday
04:06:08 pm Yelk: VTAE good, thought i chased .50s nice cover .4
04:06:15 pm Yelk: didnt want that headache overnight
04:06:32 pm xssara1: MRO what a fade....
04:08:12 pm Savino: mmm I'm flat over night... getting ready for the holliday... heading to mallorca spain ... i do fly super early... not to stok to fly
04:14:24 pm AllRedHand: TEX up a/h on Zoomlion potential takeover
04:15:04 pm d4ytrad3: gold up ah as well, think NUGT/GDX see a drift higher around 6pm~


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