An Amazing Launch, Amazing Feedback and An Even Better Product

by | Mar 24, 2015

Earlier this year, I blogged about how excited I was to launch Michele's service. She's been a big part of the Investors Underground community for quite some time and has done nothing but HELP our room.

Well, that launch sale and DVD pricing is almost done !! March 31st ends all the introductory pricing/sales, and from that point, prices will be the normal rates. Keep in mind that all those that are members before March 31st will be locked into those prices for the LIFE of the subscription.

Here is a preview !!

You can snag the discounted DVD HERE. This is HALF of the normal price, and the deal will only last until the end of the month !! The best deal is HERE

Please visit the site for more information:

From the start Michele said, "Nate, we need another room for the non-momentum stuff as the ideas are slower paced and deserve more attention than just intra-minute/hour" so with that -- the swing room was born !!

We trade similar stocks, but have different time frames in mind.

As most know, we have lots of members at Investors Underground and like to cater to them the best we can. We've always offered the swing room and still do as part of the community but now Michele has offered an additional option - her scans, additional webinars, a trading ledger, and much more (including a DVD which I am excited to talk about.)

With every type of trading, it's important to understand the "WHY"  instead of thinking, "can I blindly follow this person?" We are 100% against that sort of mentality at Investors Underground. We do NOT want traders joining  just to "follow." We want to create leaders and traders that understand the ins and outs of why they made a trade. When you have the knowledge of the product (in this case, the DVD) the scan, alert or ticker discussed takes on a whole new meaning; you're able to identify what MAY make a good entry, what MAY make a good stop, and what MAY be expected if the trade works out !! As you guys know I always say:

So having a plan is most important !!

I'm excited about this DVD that Michele made, not only because of the charts and analysis provided, but also because of the bonus fly fishing tips 🙂 But in all seriousness, Cam helped produce this so you can be assured that it is top quality, as you've seen from what we've done in the past.

Here is some feedback on what's going on:

Trade on the Fly DVD Reviews


Good day! I hope you’re doing well. I just finished your DVD and wanted to drop you a note. The DVD was AWESOME! I've purchased several of Tim S. and Nate's DVDs and both are excellent, and not to take anything away from them, but you put a different spin on yours which I greatly appreciate. You explain things very well and you’re very thorough in explaining your thought process. I especially enjoyed the section where you took the blank chart and walked me through your thought process on how you evaluate charts. You’re an excellent mentor/teacher!

Many thanks for the time you put into it. The money was well worth it! I would have paid double/triple for it! But thank you for not charging that! 🙂

Anyhow, I hope you consider doing another DVD soon.

Thanks again! Enjoy your day!



I started trading a few years ago and have invested in several resources in my quest to become a better trader. One of my biggest improvements has come after watching your DVD. My charting research, confidence and execution of plan have taken a huge leap forward. If feels great to find opportunities on my own and trade with renewed conviction. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such an easy to understand style. The systematic way you illustrate your process has made a huge difference in my trading. Your DVD is by far one of the best tools I have ever put in my tool belt. I highly recommend your DVD for anyone who is interested in swing trading.

Thanks again,
Sue (Truman)

Hi Michele,

Thanks for reaching out. I accidentally signed up to your service (By not canceling after the trial LOL) but i'm glad that happened. (easily paid for the year with your JUNO call so all is good). I have been day trading for the past year but really want to learn more on the Swing side of things. I like your style and no BS fluff. and I like the technical side of trading too.


Good Morning Michele,

I am a new quarterly subscriber to "tradeonthefly" and I am very happy that I have signed up.
Obviously I have a lot to learn, but it is nice to belong to a no nonsense service that has proven results to back the fundamentals up



I have been doing a lot better since subscribing to your service... I thank you for your chart explanations and all of the webinars - what a great investment .... And I'm not having to watch my trades all day everyday which allows for other activities 😉 thanks again Michele!


Hi Michele,

Now I'm going through your scans, and charting everything in Stock Charts. I added the tickers, then went to annotate, and looked for triggers, before looking at your triggers. Each time, I'm seeing your exact trigger. So, that's cool. I should be able to start looking through charts myself, besides your suggestions, and hopefully contributing something.

I also wanted to say, I'm so impressed by you. In your video, your discussion about emotions was great. Watching you help traders at every level, it's amazing how patient and nurturing you are. Even though you've attracted some great traders to the room, your presence is so pivotal. Your vacation really made that clear.




Just wanted to let you know that the DVD is great, I have only gone through the first 4 chapters but some light bulbs have gone on…so much to learn and absorb but truly helpful. My brain is taking a short rest now, so am going to do my chores, but will go over the last 2 chapters again as I now do not feel quite so blind when I look at the charts, and look forward to studying the rest of the chapters. Thank you once again for all the help and support.


Hi Michele.

My name is Tom; I work full time, usually 40-50 hours a week. Your service is great and I really appreciate you recording your webinars and promptly posting them within 24hrs.

I joined your Guide Combo Service and I'm looking forward to your DVD. You do a nice job of explaining strategies, charts and stocks in a way that is understandable. Is understandable a word? LOL I like how you run your service.

Thank you.

I want to thank you for my first 3 weeks with your service ... $577 profit with what started as about a $1200 account .. Sweet!



I just wanted to give you credit for helping me change my trading style, for the better. I learned the hard way that day trading is not my style. I never had a plan and would literally just throw money at something that I thought should go up. It worked some of the time, but I never had a plan. Looking back, it was horrible. I admit it, I can't day trade. Swing trading is more my style and fits around my work schedule.

I watched your chart postings for awhile, but never truly understood the setups until I joined your site. I have found that I trade less and do so with less capital. Most importantly, I have a strategy which is based on your charts


I've been trading both full and part time for twenty years and Michele is the best I've found at finding actionable trading setups that work.


Good morning M,

Surprise! I'm finally taking the time to sit down and to write you a long overdue "thank you" note. I was lucky enough to have met you over four years ago, but I'm just now getting around to sending you a formal thanks...I know how lame. Ha. Now I've told you thanks many times before, but I really want to let you know how much I've appreciated your TradeOnTheFly blog over the years, the swing room at IU this past year, and all of our private conversations about trading and life in general. Also, I'm excited for you with the new changes at TOF...this also is long overdue and much deserved so congratulations. Now I know that I'm a little biased...I'll admit that up front...because I do consider you a dear friend and truly do love you not only for what you have taught me as a trader but more importantly because you are just a good, honest, down-to-earth person. It really is just that simple.

But you do have so many other great qualities, Michele. You're generous with your knowledge and vast experience, always willing to answer questions and to help someone find their way. You're hard-working and driven, motivating the ones around you to elevate their game and to maximize their potential. And obviously no one can deny that these are characteristics of a great mentor and teacher, but honestly there are plenty of other people that exhibit these traits. The catch is that there usually is a string attached. Their help isn't genuine and done unselfishly just for the simple enjoyment of bettering someone else's life and for just being a part of their road to success. Most people in this business are nonstop self-promoters, always acting based on some angle that will benefit them and their business. And what I want to stress to you is that this is what sets you apart from most of the other people that I've come across in my short trading career. You have no would never say "look how great I am" 20 times a day like most people in this prefer to GIVE praise rather than to receive it...and you never talk down to or disrespect anyone in your company. You put your thoughts and strategies out there in a professional manner, and you let the results speak for themselves. These are characteristics of a great LEADER. You do for others because you can't help it because it's just your's in your blood. Michele, you lead by example both in your work and in how to treat others, and that's the type of person that I want to associate with and to be around. Plus, you have four of the most precious puppies, and they definitely boost the image and make it impossible not to adore you. 🙂

But seriously, as you well know "playing" the stock market for a living is no game. It is serious business...VERY serious business. So when other people considering taking a try at trading ask me for my opinion, I remind them of this first and foremost because of the silliness that exists out there. I tell them that this isn't Las Vegas everyday from 9:30 to 4 contrary to what they might see on Twitter or FB or wherever. Most of that stuff is misleading and just immature noise, so hit the ignore button. I'm not here to see who can talk the most trash...I'm in this business to provide for my family and our future, so everything is on the line for me. But I tell them that there is a skill to being successful at trading just like any other profession or craft, and these skills need to be learned and honed and tested and then honed some more and tested again and then more skills need to be learned and the cycle goes on and on into perpetuity. This is no walk in the park...discipline, perseverance, and hard work are absolute requirements!

If someone wants to learn how to trade, then there are all kinds of places that they can go...those "teachers" are a dime a dozen if you ask me. But if they really want to began a new career...if they want to start slowly and to build a solid foundation based of sound fundamentals...if they want to learn how to earn a living and to support their family...if they have a level head on their shoulders and their feet firm on the ground then there is no better person that I know of than you. REAL trading in my opinion is swing trading because it gives a trader the potential to capture profits far greater than what are possible when day trading or scalp trading. Everyone has heard the sayings "scalp for show, swing for dough" or "let your winners run" or "it's quality over quantity." The clichés go on and on, and they all describe swing trading. It's quite funny to me how so many use these one-liners daily yet still scalp trade day in and day out.

Swing trading requires patience. Swing trading requires conviction. Swing trading requires managing risk. These three qualities in the world of trading don't just fall in your lap. You have to work long and hard to be able to apply these with consistency. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them "I take calculated losses." They'll ask "and? ... is there anything else?" And I'll be like "nope...that's pretty much it." Ha. Most people's jaws drop when I say that but seriously, that is the number one most important part of our job and what I expend most of my energy on each week. The winners will come when your thesis is correct and are the easy part of swing trading, and obviously how much profit you capture will be determined by your patience and conviction. But taking calculated losses based upon a predetermined risk level is the absolute most important aspect of our job. Period.

I have learned most of these things from you, Michele, either directly or indirectly. We're all influenced and molded by the company that we keep, and being around you all of these years as well as a number of the people that have been in the swing room this past year have played a major role in establishing my career as a trader. You've given me confidence and knowledge in this new profession, and I will forever be indebted to you.

My most sincere thanks for everything,
Patrick aka Biaggo


Interview With Michele (Trade on the Fly):

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