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Home to over 1000 members, our day trading chat room is the best scanning tool you will ever use. Harness the power of thousands of eyes on the market, giving trade alerts in real-time.

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We send out detailed watch lists with game plans and rationale so you can come to the market prepared with the goal to take a paycheck every day. Start focusing on the stocks that will increase your profit potential.

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Jump start your day trading career with the most comprehensive trading courses on the market. From brokers, to money management, to chart patterns, we cover it all!

9 Things to Consider Before Short Selling a Stock

9 Things to Consider Before Short Selling a Stock

Learning how to short sell stocks is a great way to take advantage of both sides of the market (bullish and bearish movements). If you only place long trades, you will analyze every chart with a long-bias and limit your opportunities. When you add short selling to...

The Fallacy of #Study by @DGTrading101

The Fallacy of #Study by @DGTrading101

"The Fallacy of #Study" - the latest in The Mind of a Day Trader series by Dante. Key Takeaways The beginning of your trading journey is filled with ups and downs. Your motivation will be challenged. Just when you think...

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