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Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 25, 2023

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 25, 2023

Momentum hasn't slowed - lots of great setups daily. Just about picking your spots. I've been trading less and waiting for longer off open before taking the majority of trades. Big trade opportunity on MLGO on Friday, and wanted to break down sniffing that trap -...

Week In Review: September 11-15, 2023

Week in Review: September 11-15, 2023

Things are getting right back to where they should be. It took some patience this week to let things settle down after the opening bell. If you find you are getting chopped in those first 30 minutes or so give it a chance to pick a direction before you jump in. Blog...

Week In Review: September 18-22, 2023

Week in Review: September 18-22, 2023

It was a fun week. A lot of action in small cap land on both sides. If you are new to the site, here is a walk through showing how it all works.   WORX Key Level Find these key levels on the way up so you can use them on...

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 11, 2023

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 11, 2023

For those who watched last Sunday's video, saw it on Twitter, or were in the chat room, you knew my idea about the marijuana sector. CGC has been the stand-out from the swing idea in the marijuana sector. CGC MSOS TLRY were the other focus names for me, then added...

The “Anchored Speculation” Trading Strategy – Chris Lanzilotti

The “Anchored Speculation” Trading Strategy – Chris Lanzilotti Video Topics: The “Anchored Speculation” Trading Strategy Adapting to Market Trends and Conditions Day Trading vs. Swing Trading Stocks vs. Options Trading Strategies Capitalizing on Viral Themes Identifying Market Trends...

The Anchored Vwap Expert – Brian Shannon

The Anchored VWAP Expert – Brian Shannon Video Topics Early Trading Lessons Brian's Trading Edge Discovering Anchored VWAP How to Use Anchored VWAP Popular Anchor Points for Anchored VWAP Multiple Timeframe Analysis in Trading Using MTF to Plan Better Trades Key...

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 18, 2023

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 18, 2023

Busy busy weekend !! Had to head up to Maine and take care of Hurricane stuff - didn't want to lose brand new windows, but the peak winds/storm came at low tide, which is way different than had it been high tide. That's the difference between water crashing into the...

Week In Review: September 5-8, 2023

Week in Review: September 5-8, 2023

Things are picking up speed again. It is really important to set your price alerts so you don't get lost looking at chart after chart and end up missing your A+ setups. Make sure you are signed up for the Sunday scan for Nate's big announcement in a few days. Blog...

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