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    • Watching the blizzard and TV time, later all
    • Other than that HUSTLE!! Figure something out. Those that want it easy & take short cuts you'll FAIL - Then it's whether you bounce or not
    • Easier said than done for new traders but if you care about EVERY dollar your EMOTIONS will overtake the trade - LET THE PLAN WORK !!
    • Having PLAN is important (tells you WHEN to be wrong) cutting LOSERS = important (keeps you in game) and don't trade it if you NEED the $
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    • In my opinion, this is one of the best stock chat rooms on the internet. There are so many good traders in this chat everyday and everyone is always throwing out solid trade picks. They cut out all of the nonsense and the chat is very professional. They are always willing to help and answer questions, so I would definitely recommend subscribing to this chat room.


    • InvestorsUnderground provides an invaluable service that is not seen on any scale in the Trader/Investor scene. Personally, I started with a mere 10K and almost doubled that amount within the first 2 months of joining this service.


    • The best chatroom on the net in my opinion. If you like to trade momentum stocks this is the place. No pumping, No B.S, made for traders by traders. Full time, part time, or anything in between this is it. After many bad experiences on sub par sites full of pumping and off topic chatter this is heaven. Trader heaven.